How To Choose The Best Weed Grinder – 2016 Reviews

It’s time to get you a dope ass weed grinder. If you’re like me, you’re totally over the cheap grinders that just suck. In this article, we break down the best weed grinders available for 2016.

But just because you want top rated grinder doesn’t mean saving money isn’t on your mind.

FACT: Buying a grinder online WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. Your local head shop probably can’t compete with prices found on the online (I’m not saying you shouldn’t support your local business, it’s just a fact).

Comparison Chart

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Our Rating

Cali Crusher (check pricing on Amazon)


Golden Gate (check pricing on Amazon)


Platinum Grinders (check pricing on Amazon)


KingTop (check pricing on Amazon)


Chromium Crusher (check pricing on Amazon)


Space Case (Our Top Pick - check pricing on Amazon)


Santa Cruz Shredder (check pricing on Amazon)


Mendo Mulcher (check pricing on Amazon)


5 Most Popular/Best Weed Grinders

Chromium Crusher Review

chromium crusher

The Chromium Crusher is the ultimate budget choice weed grinder. That said, the Chromium Crusher is far from perfect. It has a cheaper feel than the elite grinders, but does have nice cutting blades.

If you’re on a tight budget, or it’s your first “premium” (not plastic) weed grinder, then we strongly recommend it. My buddy Dave has owned his for about four years and couldn’t be happier.

Chomium Crusher Pricing on Amazon

Space Case Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder

I firmly believe the Space Case is one of the best grinders on the market. It just barely beats out the Santa Cruz Shredder.

The Space Case is built using the best materials: the aluminum is the same kind you’ll find in aerospace machine–what a cool weed crusher! They use precise machinery to create a flush finish that makes it simple to crush your weed into a fine powder (perfect for vaporizing).

The one drawback about the Space Case is the price tag, but you’re truly paying top dollar for the best weed grinder on the market; trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Space Case Pricing On Amazon

Santa Cruz Shredder Review

santa cruz shredder grinder

Coming in just behind the Space Case (in terms of quality) is the Santa Cruz Shredder. It’s known as the first weed grinder designed specifically for medical marijuana patients.

Because the metal is anodized, the Santa Cruz Shredder does not let any tiny pieces of aluminum mix with your grind.

Another thing that makes it unique is the way the metal teeth are shaped. Most have a diamond shape, but the Shredder sports the rectangular cutters. Like the Space Case, the Santa Cruz Shredder uses high-quality metal and machinery to give you that ultra-clean finish. It does carry a high price tag, which might be the only complaint.

Santa Cruz Pricing On Amazon

Cali Crusher Review

image of cali crusher

The Cali Crusher is a great value option when compared to the elite weed grinders on the market. It’s a solid finish and made out of great material.

It feel flush like the top end guys. Another nice perk is the Cali Crusher comes with the kief scraper (what’s kief).

Okay, on to the shortcomings of the Crusher. In similar fashion to the Mendo Mulcher, the Cali Crusher becomes harder to use after time because of herb build up.

Cali Crusher Pricing On Amazon

Mendo Mulcher Review (OUR LEAST FAVORITE)

image of mendo mulcher

The Mendo Mulcher is a solid choice but is noticeably in a class below Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder. The Mendo Mulcher has a solid feel, similar to the first two picks.

One issue with it (you’ll find this anytime you go cheaper) is that it quickly gives out after time. The herb builds up and makes for a rough grind

You’ll also find it difficult to screw on and off the compartments. If you’re an everyday user, then stay clear of the Mendo Mulcher. It’s an ideal fit for someone new to the herb grinder scene.

Mendo Mulcher Pricing On Amazon

How Many Compartments Should It Have?

It all depends on your budget and what you want your crusher to do for you. There is a tremendous advantage to having a 4 piece grinder, but it will cost you more than a 2 piece model.

Two piece (known as 1 compartment) only have one designated area where the bud is being grounded. See the image to the right. You simply place the herb in the grinder, shut it, and start turning back and forth. Afterwards, all the weed is broken down and carefully removed.

The drawback to a single compartment is that you don’t get a kief buildup (what is kief?). Second, it can be challenging to remove the pot from the grinder area as it likes to stick (especially after a couple of uses).

Three piece (known as 2 compartment) has an additional compartment that is not used to break down the marijuana. The second compartment is, usually, right below the area where the grinding takes place. It collects all the fine herbs that fall through, which gives you an even spread of the pot. The added compartment is great for anyone interested in rolling blunts or joints. We all know how frustrating it can be when the weed doesn’t breakdown enough.

Four piece (known as 3 compartment) has a third area that sets it apart from the rest: the kief catcher. When you grinder marijuana in a grinder, some of the small THC crystals falloff. Most of the time these THC crystals do not get smoked. Not true with the four piece grinder as you’re able to collect the kief that falls to the bottom. Don’t expect miracles overnight. After a good amount of use, you’ll be in for a nice surprise!

The Space Case is a perfect example of the 4-piece style. In our opinion, a weed grinder must be a 4-piece to be considered the “best weed grinder”.

What Material For My Marijuana Grinder?

The Classic Metal:

Aluminum is the metal of choice with this style of weed grinder (popularity increased in 2015). Most people immediately ask if it is safe to crush your weed with aluminum? The answer is YES. In addition to its safety, metal models are the longest lasting and offer the chance for multiple compartments (see benefits above). With all the benefits, we highly recommend you choose a metal grinder.

The Acrylic Style:

Models made out of acrylic are going to be the cheapest available. The material is inexpensive and makes a great choice for someone looking for the lowest cost pot grinder. We’re not a huge fan of these types of weed grinders because they don’t last very long. and they break easily. After time, the marijuana you’re crushing will start to build up and stick to the plastic. It makes it nearly impossible to grind your cannabis properly.

The Wood Version:

Wood models have a natural look that gives them much of their appeal. One of the main drawbacks is the wood does not have multiple compartments. As mentioned above, having multiple compartments is a huge plus (hint: kief). When buying a wood grinder, make sure there isn’t a paint coating; you don’t want that in your lungs.