How To Choose The Best Weed Grinder – 2017 Reviews

If you are looking for the best weed grinder for 2017, you just came to the right place! Don't get fooled into buying cheap ass weed grinders that grinds your gears instead. Let me show you the top weed grinders with best quality at an affordable price. 

FACT: It is not known to many how buying a grinder online can actually help you SAVE MONEY. Local grinder shops may not be able to compete the price of grinders online as it has a huge difference. So, if I were you, go for online purchase instead.

Here's the TOP 10 list from us, freshly reviewed this January 2017.

Top 10 Weed Grinders Comparison Chart

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Wallet Dent

Our Rating

Platinum Grinders (check pricing on Amazon)


4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Chromium Crusher (check pricing on Amazon)


4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Space Case (Our Top Pick - check pricing on Amazon)


4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

Santa Cruz Shredder (check pricing on Amazon)


4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

Black Tie Grinder (check pricing on Amazon)


4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

Cali Grinder (check pricing on Amazon)


4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Mendo Mulcher (check pricing on Amazon)


4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Sharpstone (check pricing on Amazon)


4.0 Stars (4.0 / 5)

Golden Gate (check pricing on Amazon)


4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)

KingTop (check pricing on Amazon)


4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

Platinum Grinders Review

Platinum GrindersThe Platinum Grinders is one you should definitely go for as it has the best and effective quality among other herb grinders. When it comes to price, you absolutely would not even consider it an issue with the kind of quality it provides. It has the best fine consistency when it comes to grinding.

Platinum Grinders’s perfect razor sharp diamond cutting teeth is responsible for giving wonderful outcome. It is made from high grade aluminum materials and the size is just perfect for all your needs! This grinder will not flake or peal as well as it is anodized which makes it scratch resistant.

Platinum Grinders Pricing On Amazon

Chromium Crusher Review

chromium crusher

Those who are looking for the best budget choice kind of weed grinder, the Chromium Crusher is just the right one. It may not be perfect just like the other weed grinders, but when it comes to grinding performance, it’s blade is one to root for. The whole feel of the grinder is far cheaper than those popular ones.

If you do not want to spend to much money on weed grinders, you can try this one out as it is also actually being considered as a premium weed grinder for a cheaper price. Even a buddy of mine has been using his 4 year old crusher and is still being continually used as of writing.

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Chromium Crusher Pricing on Amazon

Space Case Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder

Among all the other grinders, the Space Case Grinder must be one of the best grinders out there. It could be just the same with the Santa Cruz Shredder, but a step higher.

Just like the grinders available in the market, the Space Case is one that is built with the ever trusted: aluminum. It is just the same as what you can find in an aerospace machine– very cool, isn’t it? It has the best machinery to crush your weed into a desirable outcome (perfect for vaporizing).

With all the things in can do, the drawback with Space Case is its price. Though it is pricey compared to most grinders, you can really say that you are paying for its performance, it will definitely not disappoint you.

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Space Case Pricing On Amazon

Santa Cruz Shredder Review

santa cruz shredder grinder

In terms of quality, you could say that Santa Cruz Shredder is not really far from Space Case. Did you know that the Santa Cruz Shredder is actually the first weed grinder that is designed specifically for patients of medical marijuana?

It’s case is anodized which makes its durable to any possible scratch. In addition, the shredder will most definitely not let any pieces of aluminum to be mixed with your grinder.

When we talk about Santa Cruz Shredder, you would not want to miss its unique metal teeth shape. It is very common in grinders to have diamond shape for teeth, however, the Shredder is getting out of whats common and is making a name on its own. Its rectangular cutters will help grind the weed finely. Just like the Santa Cruz Shredder, it is made of high-quality machinery and metal which gives you a satisfying outcome. You may find this shredder kind of pricey, but it will definitely be worth it.

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Santa Cruz Pricing On Amazon

Black Tie Grinder

This herb grinder will instantly please you. It has a magnetized lid which makes it strong, away from any possible dents. It owns features that set it apart from its competition. Other than that, it has pretty much a decent price range. This one is also made with anodized aluminum, so durability cannot be questioned.

The downside with this grinder is the lid’s magnet seems to be a little weak as it will fall off if you only hold the bottom. Aside from that, the size is actually smaller than the common grinders. But still, it is nothing that will get you be disappointed as the grinder is very much affordable for its quality.

Black Tie Grinder Pricing On Amazon

Cali Crusher Review

image of cali crusher

The Cali Crusher is a great value option when compared to the elite weed grinders on the market. It’s a solid finish and made out of great material.

If you want an excellent value for money kind of grinder, then we suggest you go for the Cali Crusher. The good thing about this grinder is how it has an anodized finish just like the top, best grinders. Having this type of finish will prevent the paint of the grinder to rub off  over time. Aside from that, this one also owns magnetic lid that ensures the  parts won’t fall off away from each other. Lastly, the Cali Crusher can do touch grinding as well!

This is just the perfect grinder for those infrequent users. If you are one who uses grinder for everyday, we recommend for you to buy Space Case or Mendo Mulcher instead.

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Cali Crusher Pricing On Amazon

 Mendo Mulcher

Mendo MulcherSimilar with the Santa Cruz Shredder and as well as the Space Case, Mendo Mulcher has also the solid feels.

The drawback with Mendo Mulcher is does not really last for long. This is to be expected for something which is a lot cheaper that its rivals. When you grind the weed, it tends to build up which will make it hard for the grinder to pound the weed.

Other than that, both the compartments will give you a hassle because it will be difficult for you to screw back both. If you are clearly an everyday user of a grinder, then Mendo Mulcher is not for you. This is much recommended to those who have not really explored any other grinder yet.

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Mendo Mulcher Pricing on Amazon


SharpstoneThis grinder has one of the best materials as it has a stainless steel made screens. It whole grinder is made of aluminum just like the other top grinders.  The magnetic lids will help you keep the bud safely, so you do not need to worry about dropping your precious kief on the floor.

The downside of this grinder is how it would not last as long as one of its competitor, the Space Case Grinder but it will still last for years. If you are one who is in tight budget but would still want to have a high quality grinder, then we suggest that you go for the Sharpstone grinder.

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Sharpstone Grinder Pricing on Amazon

Golden Gate

Golden Gate GrinderThe Golden Gate is made of safe material as well, just like the Santa Cruz Grinder. The whole grinder is definitely not made of any plastic as all the parts and made from completely safe materials. It does pretty much a heavy duty performance and the magnets will surely keep the compartment be locked with each other to prevent any leaks or spills as well.

Other than that, it is really great for storing bud as well as it is an air-tight kind of grinder. This will make sure that your pot will remain fresh and smell would be sealed up.

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KingTop GrinderAmong the top weed grinders, this one is our least favorite but it does still have some good features. Unlike other top weed grinders, the KingTop is made up of Zinc Alloy Material. It has 45 sharp teeth which makes sure that grinding would be smooth and consistent as well.

This grinder comes in 4 pieces with additional pollen catcher. The kief catcher will let you keep all the excess kief for later use which makes it really convenient if you would not want to make use of it immediately. The downside is it has low quality mesh that will bend sometimes even after only a little time of usage.

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Ideal Grinder Compartment

Before you buy a grinder, be sure to know what you want your crusher to have first. Depending on your budget, you can consider the compartments to still assure that you are buying a quality grinder. If you happen to have owned a four-piece grinder, you sure know how costly it is as it can cost you just the same as buying 2 piece model.

1 Compartment: Two piece

best weed grinder

Grinders with two piece have sole area which is for grinding a bud alone. You only have to put the weed into the grinder, lock the compartments and start turning the grinder back and forth. After doing so, all the weed that you have just pound into the grinder are removed carefully.

With having a single compartment, you would not be able to get a buildup of kief. Other than that, it is recommended for you to remove the pot away from the grinder area as it will most likely stick the more the grinder is used.

2 Compartment: Three piece

best weed grinder

Compared to having a single compartment, the three piece grinders has one compartment which is not for breaking down the marijuana. The additional compartment is usually put just right below the area of the grinding process.

The pot is spread evenly with a grinder with 2 compartments as it collects all the possible fine weeds that fall through. This is especially good for those who are into joints and as well as blunts. This greatly avoids having to feel the frustration over having the weed to not breakdown enough.

3 Compartment: Four piece 

best weed grinder

Not all grinders have the kief catcher. If you grind weed into a grinder, some tiny THC crystals tend to falloff. These THC crystals do not usually get smoked, however, with kief catcher, all fine residue that falls to the bottom are collected. Though, you should not expect too much. You will have to use it a couple more times to see the result and get ready to be surprised.

In the top 10 grinders listed above, the Space Case is one of those with 4 piece style. Having this, the grinder really does belong to be one of the top.

Weed Grinder Material

Classic Metal Version

best weed grinder

Very common in best quality grinders to have aluminum as their metal of choice for the body. When people hear about having the aluminum as the material, a lot would question their safety with crushing their weed to these grinders. It is actually okay, it is safe to use. Aside from being safety, the metal grinder models tend to last long with additional compartments as well to complete the get up of best grinder. With its numerous benefits, having a grinder with metal material is highly recommended.

Acrylic Version

best weed grinder

Among the three materials, those grinder models with acrylic material are the cheapest in the market. This is perfect for those who have tight budget. The drawback with this material for grinder is its longevity. It tend to get break easily. After a while of using a grinder, the weed tend to stick and build up to the plastic which makes it almost impossible for the grinder to pound the weed properly.

Wood Version

If we talk about appeal, grinders made of wood are definitely on top. The natural look it gives make it likable. However, the thing with wood-made grinders is having no multiple compartments. Having multiple compartments is really highly recommended which makes the wood model grinders not an ideal grinder. If you happen to want to buy one, just make sure to buy one that does not have paint coating as it can get into your lungs.

Consider the Herb Grinder Teeth

best weed grinder

An herb grinder is best when it has an effective set of teeth. Aside from the material, the best herb grinder should have more teeth for grinding. Generally, a 2.5″ diameter size grinder owns 50 teeth. There are also grinders with the same size which that has half or lesser number of teeth. These grinders are mostly do not have the same outcome as those that have more grinding teeth which is a lot better for vaping and smoking as well.

Of course, it cannot be as effective as it can be if the grinder only have a good number of teeth, but have defective material. The best grinders today are made of aluminum which uses diamond shape grinder teeth. This makes a great impact to delivering a good outcome of the grinder.

Effective Herb Grinder Magnets

Lid of most herb grinders is connected through the second piece through the use of magnets. Having magnets for the automatic connection of lid will help avoid spill the contents of the grinder.

When you buy herb grinder, this is one of the MUST that you should consider: herb grinder with strong magnets. Best grinders are known to have neodymium magnets which is attached to both of the pieces — the lid and the second piece. With these magnets attached to the two pieces, it will be easy for each other to attach as the magnet will attract each other. For weed grinders that has aluminum material, they needed to attach two magnets as the aluminum is not magnetic. If you buy a grinder, be sure to choose the best grinder that install their magnets with care because it will surely not pop out over time.

Grinder Hole Patterns that You Should Mind

best weed grinder

Not all the weed grinders has the same hole pattern. Some people may have not notice it, but each grinder actually has a unique hole pattern. This pattern will allow the ground weed to pass through to the second compartment. In some grinders, they use circular hole patterns. This type of hole pattern will allow just an ample amount of herb to go through. Aside from circular patterns, their are also grinders that uses oval shaped hole pattern just like the Santa Cruz Shredder. Comparing the two hole patterns, what we found most effective is the grinder that has circular holes as it will only really pass through to the second compartment a completely ground herb unlike the other hole patterns.

How about the Best Weed Grinder’s Design?

The good thing about today’s generation is the creativity tends to come out of the box. Uniqueness is mostly a trend to variety of weed grinders nowadays. Mostly, the looks is not just considered when it comes to design, the functionality is looked through as well. So, what should you look for a herb grinder when it comes to design?

An Ergonomic Design

Weed grinders with pins are actually helpful as it will let you grip the grinder’s lid well. If you have noticed, most of the weed grinders available in the market today are in circular shape. There are actually herb grinders today that has a designated place for your fingers to properly help you grip the herb grinder, just like the updated Chromium Crusher. With this innovation, it gives you a better grip of the grinder which makes the motion of grind easier.

A Removable Screen

For the innovation in line with functionality, herb grinders is with removable filtering screen nowadays. With this, you will be able to replace the  screen if ever it wears out and will let you clean the screen more easily than ever.

 Extra Accessories

Since a lot of herb companies are coming out with other grinders, some of them are even innovating and adding some accessories to add value to the weed grinder. If you have more cash to dash out, then why not? Here are some accessories that you might want to consider as well:

Color Theme

Most of the herb grinders today come in different colors. With a vast number of options for color, you can easily choose the best that you prefer the most. Owning an herb grinder with your desired color adds to the comfortability of using the grinder.

Pollen Scraper

Having a pollen scraper makes scrapping kief out of the kief catcher a lot easier. The drawback of this tool is it comes in small size which makes it easy to lose. Some grinders includes two pollen scrapers, so it is up to you to keep the other one safe for you to have back up if ever you lose the other one.


A carry bag would be nice to have for your herb grinder. Having one would help protect your grinder and make you carry the grinder more comfortably as well.