12 States Voting for Marijuana Legalization (February 2017 Update)

12 States Voting for Marijuana Legalization

12 states are now voting for the legalization of cannabis. Although, survey says that there is massive split on the cannabis legalization. California and Florida has high spirits for the legalization while the campaigns in Arizona and Massachusetts could win or lose by faint extremity. The general election has 12 states voting for marijuana legalization. It will be interesting to see how many pass new laws for the legalization of marijuana.

12 States that are Acting on Marijuana Legalization

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According to some recent poll, it has climbed up to 60 percent which is the highest recorded by some polling group in almost 50 years. Whilst, in Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and the District of Columbia; cannabis is already legal.

However, in D.C selling or buying cannabis is illegal. Where in Colorado and Washington cannabis is already legal which has given them good states economies. This would also give the 12 states good economic outburst. Whereas the majority of the people who lives there say that the legalization is good for its economy. Let’s go on and see what are the 12 states voting for marijuana legalization.

1. Arizona

The first state of the 12 States Voting for Marijuana Legalization, is Arizona. It is one of the state that is voting (Ballot name: Arizona Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act) for its legalization this election. There are current penalties for marijuana possession in Arizona. It is the only state where having any amount of marijuana can face felony charges. Also, it may lead up to two year in prison sentence with up to $150,000 fine.

If the Proposition 205 passed, it would allow adults 21 and older to have an ounce or up of marijuana. If the legalizing of marijuana would pass, it would generate 82 million in additional for tax revenue annually. In spite of the fact that the amount for decriminalization is not yet stated.

Update: Arizona’s proposition has been rejected just this November 11. Since only 48.9% of the people voted yes, the rest said otherwise. However, there is a new bill that would legalize industrial hemp in Arizona. Senate Bill 1337 (SB 1337), might legalize industrial hemp cultivation. This bill was filed by Senator Borrelli. If this is passed, the hemp will be permitted and can be grown and processed fibers, health foods, and other applications. If the Senate Bill 1337 passes, there are still violations if any of the licensed hemp cultivator sell plant or an part of it that’s not approved by the state law.

2. California

On top of that, in California with Ballot name: Adult Use of Marijuana Act with 28.5 g or less amount of decriminalization. The Adult Use of Marijuana act or also known as Proposition 64, would regulate and tax marijuana. This proposition will also save the state and local governments millions of dollars.

Marijuana laws would possibly bring more than a billion dollars in annual tax revenue for all the 12 states. There are early defeats for marijuana reform groups, but the state has historically progressive attitude towards it. In 1996, California is the first state to legalize medical marijuana, and in October 2016 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger decriminalized the possession of less than an ounce          of marijuana. There is 87% of chance of passage in California.

Update: California’s Proposition 64 has been approved on Tuesday with a total of 56.1% of votes. Though, Proposition 64 has been passed, you can’t still find any recreational pot shops in California. It’s because the system that’s supposed to regulated the grown marijuana has not yet been built yet. Since this new law passed, still it remains in purgatory as regulations are not yet established. According to its new law, licenses for pot related businesses are to be issued by January 1, 2018.

3. The Jagged, Rocky Coastline. Maine

Yet, there is a 65% chance of passage in the legalization of cannabis in Maine (Ballot name: Marijuana Legalization Act). 50 percent of the voters are favoring while 41 percent are opposing with 9 percent voters who are still undecided about it. Strong support is mostly from younger voters under the age of 50. The amount for decriminalization is 1.25 oz. or less.

The opposition in Maine has merged on the idea of big pot growers to drive out locals. Which they fear Question 1 could interfere some of the current patient who has access for their medical cannabis.

Update: In addition, voters from Maine already approved Question 1 on Tuesday with 50.2%. Yes vote is up by 1 point. Moreover, due to Marijuana Opponents who were not happy about the result. They filed for a quick recount for Question 1, but however the recount failed (Dec. 17, 2016 – Saturday) and Maine is the latest state to allow the use of non medical purposes of marijuana. However, the committee endorses bill to delay marijuana sales. Though, Mainers can still grow marijuana on their own. Maine’s marijuana legalization law might be delay until February 2018.

4. Nevada

Nevada is the first state to campaign to gather around the required number of signatures to qualify the legalization of cannabis in the 2016 ballot. They submit 170,00 signatures last December. With about 60,000 more signatures than what is needed. They’re on their way to the legalization of recreational cannabis and no one can stop them.



Update:  Furthermore, Question 2 was approved in Nevada on Tuesday (November 8, 2016) with 54.5% of Yes votes. Legalizing the recreational use of one ounce or less of marijuana by adults 21 and over.

Question 2 is already effective in Nevada. After New Year’s day, residents from Nevada may grow up to 6 plants for personal use. Also, keep in mind that the plants is limited per household.

5. Massachusetts

In Massachusetts (Ballot Name: The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act) or also known as Question 4 with an amount of 1 oz. or less for decriminalization. In the early polling that has been conducted, the state’s measure on Question 4 is low. Although, by October it goes up. 55 percent were approving by it and 40 percent were against it. However, there is a survey conducted last weekend which showed a small lead on Question 4 with a 49 percent to 42 percent. Still, there is 15 percent lead to 7 this week.

Moreover, there is an update on Massachusetts on the new survey poll that Question 4 is trending up among voters with a 61 percent of voters who supports it. 34 percent on the opposing and 5 percent for the undecided voters. A major shift from their same survey earlier with a 52 percent support and 43 percent who votes for the opposition.

Update: On the other hand, Massachusetts’ Question 4 has been passed on Tuesday (December 8, 2016) with 53% of yes votes. Massachusetts Question 4 has been taken effect, the possession of 1 ounce away from home, and 10 ounces at home is now legal. Also, consumption, and home cultivation up to 6 plants per person 12 plants maximum per household is now legal.

6. Florida, Land of the Weed Flowers

Furthermore, Florida this year has an 85 of chance of passage on the cannabis legalization. They are currently allowed to use a very limited amount of cannabis for the terminally ill patients. If approved, it would allow to be use on treating non-terminal patients who suffers from cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s and more. This is the second-time Florida will be voting on medical marijuana.

Update: Florida’s Amendment 2 gained more than 71% percent of Yes votes from voters, Tuesday night. Concerning, patients from Florida are fighting for access in the newly legalized medical marijuana. Furthermore, activists wants the requirement eliminated that all patients must have a prescribing physician’s care for at least 90 days. Florida’s state officials recommended restrictions on what kind of patients can be qualified for the medical marijuana. Their suggestions, prompted many oppositions across the state, 1,300 residents attended the bureaucratic hearings to press less restricted access to cannabis.

7. Montana

Medical Marijuana in Montana was made legal in 2004 but they’re voting to reinstate their medical marijuana laws because of the legislative restrictions that made the law impossible to work t. They have a 30 percent of chance on legalizing cannabis. Though, thru I-182, this would allow patients to have more access use of the cannabis for several illnesses. If I-182 fails, it will still keep their minimal and strict medical cannabis system. That bans storefront dispensaries and limits the serving of three patients for caregivers.

Update: Initiative 182 — Expand Medical Marijuana was passed on Tuesday with 57.6% of yes votes. Moreover, this new medical marijuana initiative addresses the concerns to the previous law and it ensures accountability to all Montanans. First, it requires provides to obtain licenses and they should receive yearly unannounced inspections. Also, they should removed obstacles for patients that has been diagnosed with chronic pain. Of course, give access to the veterans and other patients who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

8. Arkansas

When it comes to voting on cannabis reform, Arkansas has one of the most interesting ballot. They have two proposals, the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act known as Issue 7 and the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment also known as Issue 6. Issue 6 would make a revoke of the law as it is a state constitution amendment. This would be legalized doctor-approved medical cannabis treatments. Sadly, this would be under the control of the Arkansas’ Alcoholic Beverage Control, as well with a new medical marijuana commission.

Issue 7, will allow doctor-approved medical cannabis treatment through nonprofits. It will also allow the patients to grow their own cannabis at their home if they live far from the center.

Update: Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment or also known as  Issue 6 has been passed on Tuesday with 53.2% votes. Arkansas’ legislature has unanimously approved the 60-day delay to patients can start applying for id cards, plus a 30-day delay for business license applications can be submitted. These said delays are desired to reduced paperwork for the regulators by syncing program’s implementation with the fiscal year state.. Though, on the bright side, legislature and the governor has enacted a change lay out  to raise the doctor’s participation.

9. Missouri

The sad truth about Missouri is that there are just 36 percent who are in favor of the legalization. Maybe, they will be able to have a successful transition of limited CBD program to full recreational legalization. However, they were able to pass a cannabis extract law for people who have epilepsy and seizure with symptoms that are very resistant to usual treatment.

UPDATE: In Missouri, two lawmakers have filed proposal for the legislation to legalize medical cannabis this 2017. Senate Bill 56 is sponsored by Jason Holsman and Senate Bill 153 is sponsored by Rob Schaaf. It was pre filed earlier of December 2016. While Republicans are holding the majority of the state Senate, SB 153 might have the upper hand. Although, the passage of these bills might finally bring the medical cannabis program to Missouri.

10. New York

New York, New York! There is a slim chance to end the prohibition of cannabis in New York. Since it passed the legislation to legalize their production of medical cannabis, and everybody’s been waiting for the program to slowly developed. The Empire State, has chosen 5 producers to cultivate medical cannabis. Sales are already being scheduled to begin this January.

UPDATE: Finally, bills to legalized, regulate, and tax marijuana for adults in New York has been introduced. S3040 and A3506 would allow 18 and above to possess up to two ounces of cannabis. Also, they can now cultivate up to six plants in their home. The regulator set up system for businesses to cultivate, process and sell to adults is 21 and up.

11. North Dakota

North Dakota has a 50 percent of chance passage for cannabis legalization. Well, nobody really knows what North Dakota thinks about the medical marijuana on their ballot. They conducted a poll two years ago with 47 percent to 41 percent. But really, nobody has a clue.

Update: North Dakota was the second to turn green with 64% of votes. Some lawmakers have proposed to alter their program recognition. If SB2344 passed it would prohibit the whole plant and all other form of cannabis. This bill would also eliminate the restrictive home cultivation provision. Which applies to patients living more than 40 miles away from the dispensary.



12. Maryland

Finally, the last state of the 12 States Voting for Marijuana Legalization is Maryland. Earlier this year, state lawmakers from Maryland, introduced the Marijuana Control and Revenue Act of 2015, companion bills in the House and Senate. Even though, there are no actions from it since October.

UPDATE: Democratic lawmakers in Maryland wants to join the growing number of others to have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Legislators said that aged 21 and older in Maryland might be able to possess and grow but only limited amounts of cannabis. If the two bills sponsored would be approved.


The 12 States Voting for Marijuana Legalization. Now All we have to do is wait for the rest of the to States Voting for Marijuana Legalization.

12 States that are Acting on Marijuana Legalization




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