9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana (February 2017)

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana (February 2017)

9 States in U.S that legalized recreational marijuana. However, there are 26 states including the District of Columbia who has currently have laws legalizing marijuana. In fact, three more states will join them after this past few days passing of the use of medical marijuana. The seven states and the district of Columbia has rolling laws legalizing marijuana for it recreational use. For this, Nevada, Massachusetts, and California passed all measures in legalizing recreational marijuana this November.

States in Us that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

1. Florida

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Florida was the first state in the South to approved ballot amendent 2 or the medical marijuana proposal with 71% . Legalized for patients who has cancer, epilepsy, HIV, and PTSD. As a result, Arkansas followed, and there is a surprising growth in history. Although, there are two separate proposals on their ballot, however due to late court ruling, only one could be voted.

UPDATE: There are new rules on Florida’s medical marijuana. New regulations on medical marijuana has been proposed by the state health officials of  Florida. It would block patients from timely and affordable access to the medication, they also restrict physicians on treating their patients. Hundreds had hundred out for the public heating off Marina Mile to seek on the proposed rules of the regulations.

2. North Dakota

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

In addition, in North Dakota there is a surprise in their medical marijuana proposal. Two-thirds(63.7%) of their voters cast their ballots in favor for Measure 5— medical marijuana. This will allow their doctors to prescribe medical cannabis with 3oz per 14-day period. They can also plant in their respective home up to 8 cannabis plant if they reside 40 miles or more from an operating medical marijuana dispensary.  This new law will take effect 90 days following the voters approval.

UPDATE: North Dakota legislature weighs huge list of rules for the medical marijuana. The bill has 81 pages and it will be heard Wednesday in the largest capitol hearing room.



3.  Montana

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

As a result, Montana had approved Initiative 182— medical marijuana way back in 2004. 57% were in favor for the legalization. Although, state lawmakers scratch away its measure, though eventually there are new strict rules that shut down many state’s dispensaries. Question 1 makes cannabis legal for residents 21 and over as prescribed by physician.

UPDATE: Montana is back again on the map for medical marijuana use. Governor Steve Bullock was already talking about implementing 6 new percent consumption ta on medical marijuana.

4. California

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational MarijuanaMoreover, Prop. 64 was voted yes on November 8 and by November 9, it is fully legal in California. This bill legalize the recreational use, possession and marijuana cultivation. Also, California allows 21 and older to have up to one ounce of cannabis and they can grow up to 6 plants in their respective homes. On top of that, Proposition 64 was the most important legalization of all initiative on the November ballot. The majority of the California residents support Prop 64.

California was the star of that evening with a decisive 56% Yes – 44% No win for the legalization of cannabis. The most populous state and has one of the largest economies in the world and is the world’s 6th largest economy by itself. With their vote, the use of cannabis will become legal down the West Coast, Mexican Border, Canada, and Alaska. Additionally, you cannot smoke in public, and driving under the influence of marijuana. There is a fine of $100, what’s more is that recreational sales will be legal on January 1.

UPDATE: California by the end of the year will be seeking to establish singular regulatory system that allows multi-billion dollar industry to flourish, and ensures products safety and prevents monopolies.

5. Maine


However, in Maine, the recent ballot for legalizing the recreational use of cannabis passed with 50.2% Yes – 49.8% No , but the rival wants a recount. Maine’s Question 1 allows medical marijuana use to adults 21 above. Indeed, there are more number of states that has decriminalize the possession of small measure of marijuana. Moreover, Question 1 succeeded due to large pro side out standing the against side.

$1 million was raised just to pursue the legalization of Marijuana in Maine, much with what was spent to gather signatures for Question 1 to be on the ballot. As a matter of fact, residents can have 6 flowering plants and 2.5 oz usable.

Though, other states passed medical marijuana laws that allows them for controlled use of cannabis. Furthermore, there are few medical marijuana laws that are broader than others with medical conditions that will allow for their treatment flexible from state to state.

UPDATE: Weed is totally legal in Maine! Although, they not allowed to smoke in public places. Legislators  are beginning to process the setting up regulations that will lead to local pot shops by February 2018. As of the moment, it still illegal to sell and purchase marijuana.

6. Arkansas

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Arkansas, recently passed their Issue 6— medical marijuana laws with a final vote count of 53% Yes – 47% No. Moreover, this will permit qualified patients to possess or may obtain medical cannabis from state licensed dispensaries. Considering that others states have already passed laws that would allow their residents to possess cannabis oil if they have suffered from absolute medical illnesses. Recently approved ballot measures legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use. Above all, the new law will take effect on November 9, 2016.

UPDATE:  Members have been told to probe draft and to prepare for the final voting. Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is advancing for its  completion on rules of governing facilities. For growing and selling the drug use by patients. The said meeting will be held on Feb 21 at 3:30 p.m at 1515 W. Seventh St. in Little Rock.

7. Nevada

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Speaking about, Nevada voters approved Question 2 — their recreational marijuana with 54% Yes to 46% No and is limited to people over 21 years of age. Sheldon Adelson, a Casino tycoon courageously funded the opposition to legal pot, a total of $3.35 million just to the legalization opponents, or 97% of their fundraising total. The residents from Nevada are only allowed legally to have 1 ounce of marijuana this coming January 1. On top of that, licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are the only allowed to apply for licenses in recreational sales.

UPDATE: Starting July 1 it is legally okay to light up in Nevada. The Department of Taxation in Nevada have been arranging rules and deadlines to conduct recreational marijuana since voter in Nevada legalized it for adults 21 and older in November.

8. Arizona

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

As a matter of fact in Arizona, Adelson’s odds paid off better, the voters dragged the legalization bill by 52% Yes to 48% No. He then gave half a million dollars to  opposition campaign in Arizona joining forces of a number of local business interest. Proposition 205 allow recreational use of marijuana for people 21 and over. Also, they are allowed up to 6 plants at home.

UPDATE: The bill to legalizing home cultivation of the medical marijuana in Arizona has been abolished. Rep. Vince Leach and Rep. Paul Boyer who has introduced the House Bill 2018 (HB2018). The said law allows the card holder to grow marijuana in a closet, room or in a greenhouse. On Jan 23 HB2018 was abolished by a 4-5 vote.

9. Massachusetts

As we all know that Massachusetts is a long running blue state, on November 8 voters weighed yes on Question 4 — to legalize recreational use, farming, possession, and market of cannabis. Also, it is the first state east of Mississippi to have allowed recreational use. On the subject of  the other law for tax and licensing provision will not preside until January 2018. Not to mention, one of the biggest astonishment was the strong showing of favor of the legalization in Massachusetts from voters who approved the measure by a strong 54% Yes – 46% No. In addition, the similar ballot measure allows for possession of pot will start on Dec. 15.

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Although this year the medical marijuana supporters had put an item to their ballot to diminish most of the restrictions. Also, it seemed that the polls indicate voters’ uncertainty with a total of 51% of opposing ballot measure as early as October. Even more surprising, it passes the measure by 58% Yes – 42% No.

UPDATE: While marijuana is being legalized in Massachusetts, and allowing to grow up to 12 cannabis plants in the household, small time existing marijuana grow cases might be dismissed.

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana Final Thought:

On the other hand, their victory for pot means dozens of legislators in the U.S House will soon showcase interest of growing cannabis industry that is California-based. Notably, this will make a congressional push to project the difference between state and federal cannabis laws. The recreational pot consumption would be limited to 21 or older.

On the whole, roughly around one quarter of U.S residents will live in the states that will allow the recreational use of cannabis. However, President Barack Obama predicted recently that this would make the federal to be more rigid in their policies.





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