image of rickHi there and welcome to Best 420 Grinders. The site is about all things marijuana: news, tips, product reviews, legalization, and the growing business of weed. However, as our name implies, we are here to give you the best product reviews about herb grinders.

That’s me on the left: Rick Walton.

I’ve owned so many different herb grinders over the years. The good news is that I’ve seen and tested all the grinders on this site. Nowadays, my primary weed grinder is the Space Case. The Santa Cruz Shredder is a close second, but there’s something about the Space Case that I cannot put into words.

But I’ve come along way and wasn’t always using the top-end herb grinders. My first grinder was a cheap acrylic grinder. That was a total mistake, but hey, I learned what not to buy the next time. The plastic grinders are super-cheap, like under $10 cheap. They work about three times and then the build up of the herb makes it next to impossible to grind. The next thing you know you’re putting your entire body into the motion. After that, the thing simply breaks.

I will not be reviewing any plastic grinders on this site and I advise that you stay away from them. There are some great budget options; they usually are made of metal and come in around $25. They offer many of the qualities of the high-end versions, but the key difference is they will not stand the test of time.

The high-end grinders are the only ones I used today. I can understand if you are hesitant to make that purchase; they do cost a lot. The thing you have to remember is that the grinder will last your entire lifetime. While you might be spending more upfront, you have to consider the fact that it will not break and cover your entire life. If you keep buying $20 grinders, you are bound to replace them every couple of years. In my opinion, not worth it.

Anyways, what about me?

I’m a pretty chill dude you likes to smoke God’s gift from time to time. I’ve definitely cut down my consumption over the past few years, but that’s only because of the time constraints. A wife and kids changes your priorities.

Back in the day I was blowing smoke hardcore. That was back in college when life was simple. The first that came to mind every morning was weed. It wasn’t a matter of if but when. My friends and I used to smoke a lot of blunts. While it’s a “waste” of weed, the social aspect cannot be denied. It’s awesome to bond with your buddies around a fat blunt.

We soon realized that we were going to need a weed grinder to help us. Our hands were getting sticky and we were wasting kief. We purchased a plastic grinder, but as mentioned above, we quickly switched to a metal one.

Please use the website to help select the right marijuana grinder for your needs. You don’t have to buy the most expensive, just make sure you’re buying it for the right reasons.