Alpaca Grinder Review (A Brand New Innovation)

Alpaca Grinder Review: A Brand New Innovation

Alpaca Grinder Review, in this article we will be show you the amazing benefits of this weed grinder. Moreover, this is the newest innovative grinder in the market right now! This grinder is not like any other weed grinders today, because of its new innovation. Also, Alpaca Grinder shreds the herbs instantly and dispenses them wherever and whenever you want.

This is also faster, easier and less messy compared to other grinders out there. In addition, grinding sticky herbs is no problem. Alpaca Grinder has a portable design that fits anywhere for the on the go grinding. What an ultra convenient grinder it is! You and your friend would be so thrill with the 3 grams storage of herbs. Isn’t that nice? Also, this is Made in the U.S.A

Alpaca Grinder’s Packaging

Alpaca Grinder come with a nifty box and cloth container. On the other hand, the dispensing is patented with a design that save you time and gives your the best grind herbs. Made in the U.S.A from aircraft aluminum and the materials are premium.

It also has a stick proof coating to prevent buildup. The teeth are razor sharp for ultra smooth grinding experience.  In addition, the Alpaca Grinder is a pocket friendly grinder and the cap seals in the odors. What’s more is that, this has a lifetime warranty, money back guarantee!

Alpaca Grinder Review: Innovative Design

The Alpaca Grinder is easy to clean and also disassembling it is no sweat. It has medical grade anodize coating. Anodize coating makes the metal surface durable, corrosion resistant. This also includes a rare earth magnets.

When using this grinder you don’t need to use your fingers to put the freshly grind herb in your bowl. You just need to open the plastic cap down the grinder so it’ll dispense down the freshly grind herb unto your bowl or on your rolling paper.

This gives you more time to chill with your friends, no hassle to grind because of its unique design. Not only you can grind your herbs but you can grind any other fresh herbs with Alpaca Grinder. If you’re a first time weed grinder user, this weed grinder is best for you. Easy to use, compared to other grinders, faster, and more portable.

Alpaca Grinder parts is made of:

Alpaca Grinder Review

This top of the line grinder is proudly made in the U.S.A. Furthermore, the top cover of this grinder is made of Aircraft aluminum and other premium materials. Also, the grinder is lightweight. While, it has a razor sharp teeth and anodized coating. The blue screw is for quick dispensing. Lastly, it has a durable poly carbonate  storage and rubber cap to seal its freshness.

Everyone who is tired of using a normal grinder would definitely love this weed grinder. The innovative design will surely give you the best time saving of all time. The Alpaca Grinder is not that big but surely it will fit enough for most users. Not to mention that, Alpaca Grinder is 30% off for a limited time only.

Alpaca Grinder, gives you less mess and is built to last with stylish design. A grinder that can grind from herbs and spices. Although, for the kief lovers out there, it’s sad to say that this grinder does not have any kief catcher.

Alpaca Grinder Review:


  • The grinder has a unique and innovative design.
  • Also, it easily dispenses the herbs in your bongs or just paper.
  • Material is made with lightweight materials but are durable.
  • Titanium double helix allows the herb to spread out in seconds just after grinding.
  • Magnetic top holds the herb in place while on-the-go


  • The only problem with this grinder is that the consistency of the grind herb is not ideal to use in for vaporizing.
  • Also, there is no pollen catcher in this.

Alpaca Grinder Review’s Final Thoughts:

This innovative grinder gives every stoner the best result and it saves them time. It allows you to dispense the herb easily. Although, many customer refunded and was not happy with their orders on the few months of the Alpaca Grinder launch in early 2016.

However, if you’re a new with using a grinder, Alpaca Grinder is the best! Too easy to use, and it saves you time. Moreover, Alpaca Grinder is not like any other grinder. That’s what makes this different from any other grinders. When you purchase Alpaca Grinder now, you have the advantage of their product sale launch and you will get a 30% off!

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