Marijuana Tourism Guide in America

Marijuana Tourism Guide in America

Being a marijuana enthusiast can be a bit challenging at times if you like to chill and abide by the law. This is especially true when you don’t know where you can legally enjoy the benefits of being a marijuana enthusiast. There are a lot of mixed opinions and legalities when it comes to Marijuana. Luckily, for those who live in the United States, or plan to take a vacation there, there are places in the where you can legally indulge yourself with some good weed. We will share with you our Marijuana Tourism Guide in America.

For the good of Medicine 

If you have a prescription for medical marijuana, then you can travel to half of the United State of America and legally light up. That is correct. There are currently 25 states that have medical marijuana laws on their books. So, if you have a medical need for marijuana, you have many options to legally “take your medicine”. However, if you don’t have a medical prescription for marijuana, then your choices are significantly less – currently! We imagine sometime (hopefully, in the very near future), we will be able to legal consume marijuana in all 50 states.

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However, for now, there are only 4 that have laws that legally allow for the recreational use of marijuana. Currently, those states are Washington, Alaska, Colorado and Oregon. Although, there is pending, or upcoming, legislation to legally the recreational use of marijuana in other states as well. For now, let get started with our current Marijuana Tourism Guide.

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The Big Four States

Why big four? Well they are the only states which allow recreational use of marijuana and we’ll give you a run down on each one of them.


Colorado is a very popular choice when it comes to Marijuana tourism. Unfortunately, the Colorado Tourism Office doesn’t really endorse marijuana tourism. There is so much more to talk about in a bountiful state like Colorado. However, those who work in the marijuana industry have done a great job promoting the Colorado as a great place for a relaxing, chill, marijuana vacation destination.

Ranging from cannabis shops to marijuana dispensary tours to cooperation with hotels for marijuana recreational activity are available in Colorado. The most particularly known marijuana tour company in Colorado is “My 420 Tours”. The offer dispensary tours and grow tours. My 420 tours also offer culinary and cooking courses with cannabis infused food. They will also provide you with hotels and resorts that are cannabis-friendly places to stay.

Public places and general areas where population resides don’t allow you to smoke in Colorado. However, there are places and establishments that will allow you to enjoy cannabis.

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Alaska is infamous for having the “ATF”, and pardon my language, the acronym for “Alaskan Thunder F**k”. It can also be referred as “Matanuska Tundra”. It is a known strain of cannabis that is quite potent. One thing to take note off that both Alaska and Colorado are the same; they are similar in a sense with the laws of marijuana in Colorado. This would mean that gifting cannabis would be legal just like in Colorado.

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Recreational cannabis in Washington was also legalized at the same time as Colorado. This also gives you an opportunity to visit the state of Washington if you wanted to do a cannabis-inspired vacation.

One of the cannabis touring companies there offer the “The Kush Tour”. This lets you learn about how the cannabis industry works. It also provides you the opportunity to tour hotels and places that allow recreational marijuana usage.


For the state of Oregon, until 2016 the marijuana tourism for outsiders is not available, luckily if you remember this year, it is already 2016. The legalization of marijuana happened during November of 2014 for the state of Oregon.

Marijuana tourism in Oregon offers cannabis camping sites and Forest Park in NW Portland where cannabis is allowed. You can enjoy the cannabis infused experience with nature if you decide to go to Oregon. This is the last of the last in the marijuana tourism guide.

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Some Places outside the US

There are places outside the US that allows marijuana usage. Albeit it’s very uncommon, they still exist. So if you can also plan on going on a cannabis-influenced vacation on other countries if you wanted to have a cannabis-influenced trip some of the countries like Australia or Columbia. Even North Korea, though in this case you may not want to go there just to smoke a joint.

Regardless there are countries that also allow marijuana usage albeit there are some restrictions.

Finals Thoughts

Even outside the US, it’s mostly medical marijuana that you will find that is legal. Unfortunately, finding a place to use marijuana for recreational purposes may be a bit difficult. Suffice to say even outside the US there are countries you could consider getting a vacation that is cannabis influenced. However, at least for now there are 4 states in the U.S. that you could visit for recreational marijuana.

Maybe in the future there will be more but regardless after reading this Marijuana Tourism Guide in America, you should still plan in advance and always read the restrictions that the law has set in order to avoid trouble and have a smooth cannabis-fueled vacation.




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