New Marijuana Tourism Business in Colorado

We have seen a lot of growth in the marijuana industry over the last few years. The legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes have created a boom in business in those states. None is more prevalent than the growing marijuana businesses cropping up all over Colorado! One that may be a surprise […]

Medical Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, there are a ton of opportunities and various business ventures available to entrepreneurs. Websites like KickStarter, which assists with crowd funding, is just one example that there are new, unique business ideas that are not only viable, but also very profitable. One particular industry that has entered the mainstream business scene over the last few years […]

Alaska Is Gearing Up For Marijuana Business

For the great people of Alaska, the culture of growing marijuana has been long ingrained in them. They used to plant marijuana for their home use. This came to be nearly forty years ago when the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that any adult had the right to posses, cultivate, and use marijuana in small quantities […]

Marijuana Culture in the US

As the culture around the world is changing, various states in the U.S. are legalizing the consumption of marijuana through various new laws. It is evident that the marijuana culture in the U.S. is changing their attitudes on banning the substance for recreational use. The government has begun changing rules so that marijuana is available to people on […]

4 Reasons to Consider before Running a Marijuana Business

There is more and more talk about the legalization of marijuana these days. Lately, more countries and states are softening their laws concerning marijuana production and use. A lot of individuals are trying cash in on this ever-changing legal landscape in the marijuana industry. So, if you are thinking about grabbing your piece of the […]

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017 —  A current effort to A federal court judge struck down regulations restricting the rights of all medical marijuana patients to grow their marijuana in Canada. This is the latest in the marijuana legalization updates In Canada. These laws were introduced back in 2013.  It stated all cannabis patients […]