Canada’s Pot Dispensaries Out of Hand Issue

Canada’s Pot Dispensaries Are Popping Up Everywhere.. Despite the federal rules in Canada, there are still many illegal dispensaries opening in the city. Moreover, illegal pot dispensaries have become common in Vancouver. Also, the city council is trying to license and regulate rather than arresting and raiding the store. Several Outlets Will Set to Open […]

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana (February 2017)

9 States in U.S that Legalized Recreational Marijuana (February 2017) 9 States in U.S that legalized recreational marijuana. However, there are 26 states including the District of Columbia who has currently have laws legalizing marijuana. In fact, three more states will join them after this past few days passing of the use of medical marijuana. […]

Mexico’s Senate Votes for Medical Cannabis

Mexico’s Senate Votes For Medical Cannabis President Enrique Pena Nieto, has proposed on legalizing medical cannabis last April. What’s more is that Mexico’s Senate has a 98-7 votes. Mexico is closer to join the several U.S states and other Latin America nations on legalizing medical cannabis. The bill, however is now moving on to the […]

Marijuana Legalization History

Marijuana Legalization History There has always been a lot of controversy whether the consumption of marijuana is right or wrong. Regardless if it’s for recreational or medical purposes, it has always been a very controversial topic. Marijuana had been criminalized some time ago. Nowadays though the fight for its legalization has been progressing. However, its […]