Best Wax and Oil Vapes in the Market

Best Wax and Oil Vapes  in the Market The third, and probably the least popular, thing you can vape are waxes and oils. Waxes and oils are also known as concentrates since they are a concentrated form of a distinct substance. Since they are concentrated, you have the advantage of needing less than what E-liquids […]

Are Aluminum Grinders Safe to Use?

Are Aluminum Grinders Safe to Use? Are Aluminum Grinders safe to use? Aluminum is considered to be one of the strongest metals in the world. This is why it’s perfect for grinding purposes. It gets the job done with relative ease. However, there has been a relative concern as well that inhaling this innate element could […]

All the Marijuana-Legal Countries

All the Marijuana-Legal Countries The decriminalization of marijuana is controversial topic, in most places marijuana as viewed as “bad” in which most places followed the example set by the US some time ago to criminalize it. Though in most places its illegal there are still places that have pushed its legality even just medical marijuana […]

The Space Case Grinder Features

The Space Case Grinder Features Space Case Grinder is one of the seniors in the grinder market. Meaning, it’s one of the most popular and pioneering type of grinder. It is designed with diamond grinder teeth – something that no other grinder in the market has. What separates the Space Case Grinder from other grinders […]

Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Reasons to Legalize Marijuana Yes, you heard that right. It may not seem like a good idea at first when most people hear about legalizing marijuana. However, it has benefits. Benefits that will bode people well, and not just for those who are into weed. Let’s discuss the reasons first before handing out your judgment. […]

Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana

One of the biggest dilemmas that marijuana enthusiast have when choosing while enjoying marijuana is the choice of vaping vs smoking marijuana. Just like in every other matter there is always a choice to be like for PC users there’s the Linux vs Windows choice, cannabis enthusiast also has Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana. Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana […]

Why You Should Use A Weed Grinder

Ever wonder why you should use a weed grinder? As the name suggest it’s use for grinding weed for the purpose of consuming it by vaping or smoking it. Grinders are fairly useful in some matters, mostly when it comes to cooking and preparing food. It’s not just that even among other herbs that aren’t marijuana, […]

17 Benefits of Marijuana to Your Body You Might Not Know

When somebody sees the word marijuana, the first impression has mostly been “it’s bad” for you. However, those impressions are starting to change. There are many known benefits of marijuana, and in this article, we will discuss some of those benefits. One of the most notable benefits of marijuana is the health benefits it has. […]