17 Benefits of Marijuana to Your Body You Might Not Know

When somebody sees the word marijuana, the first impression has mostly been “it’s bad” for you. However, those impressions are starting to change. There are many known benefits of marijuana, and in this article, we will discuss some of those benefits.

One of the most notable benefits of marijuana is the health benefits it has. The common impression when it comes to tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, is that they are not good for the health. In a way, however, Marijuana may be different from the rest. It has health benefits that you may not know. In fact, long ago Marijuana was used for medicinal purposes. Of course, the health benefit come with moderate use. As with most things, moderation is the key. Even things are can be good for you can have adverse effects if used in excess.

17 Benefits of Marijuana to Your Body

Here are some of health benefits of Marijuana.

1. It Helps You Sleep

Having recurring nightmares? Maybe you should see a doctor or a specialist when it comes to these things however you may want to know that Marijuana actually may help you when it comes to nightmares.

Dreams and nightmares as well occur during REM of the stage of sleep cycle. Synthetic cannabinoid like THC have been shown to have been responsible for interrupting REM in which the dream state occurs. This is good news if you are having nightmares.

Sleeping Problems?

Source: Omics Group

2. Helps With Hunger

Benefits of Marijuana

Are you having trouble eating? Maybe you don’t have an appetite for some psychological reason you are experiencing or just exhausted. One thing that you can count on when it comes to Marijuana is that it stimulates appetite.

How does this help us? Actually, it’s quite simple, the nutrition we need comes from the food we intake. Without proper appetite, we may not be able to supply the necessary nutrients that our body needs. This could lead to low resistance to our immunity to diseases.

Source: Vice

3. Feeling Anxious?

Benefits of Marijuana

Are you feeling anxious? You couldn’t sleep or concentrate on the task that you wanted to do due to the pitting feeling in your stomach.

Another thing that Marijuana benefits are that with small doses of it, it will act like a sedative which brings you into a brighter mood and lessens anxiety. Of course like I mentioned before in this article it works with low dosage, too much causes even more anxiety.

Like always anything that is excess is unhealthy.

Source: Middleburry International

4. It’s Not Only The Mind That It Calms Down

Benefits of Marijuana

Apparently marijuana doesn’t only brighter your day it seems. And it does not only make you calmer and feel light in your mind but it also helps your body calm down as well. Multiple types of muscle spasm have been known to be calmed down by marijuana. It would also mean that the pains caused by the diseases that cause the muscle spasms are reduced by it.

Source: Harvard Health Publications


5. Relieves A Bit Of Pain

Benefits of Marijuana

Yes it relieves in the previous text it is mentioned that it reduced pain and it indeed does to pain cause by multiple illnesses. One example would be it reduces the pain and discomfort for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. And that’s just one of the illnesses that it helps relieve pain.

Source: WebMD


6. THC Says No To Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is a terrible thing it causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Luckily one of the benefits of Marijuana is that one its components called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC fights Alzheimer’s since it blocks the enzymes that form amyloid plaques which causes Alzheimer.

Source: Alzheimers.net

7. Brain Friendly Cannabis

Benefits of Marijuana

Like mentioned here it has a lot of mental health benefits and it’s not just about what you feel when you smoke weed but also it has neuroprotective effects that help the brain in cases like concussion, trauma as one of the few. And that is all due to the Cannabis that the marijuana has.

Source: Scholastic


8. It May Help Preventing Cancer

Benefits of Marijuana

Some studies have suggested that Cannabidiol which Marijuana has helps prevent the spread of cancer cells throughout the body. This is a obviously something that will require more scientific research. However, the promise of any cure for cancer is a great testimonial for the benefits of medical marijuana.

Source: National Cancer Institute



9. May Help You to Lose Weight

Benefits of Marijuana

Yes, you read it right! Cannabis can help you lose weight, that is because it helps your body to regulate insulin production. If this happen, your caloric intake is manage efficiently.

Source: NCBI


10. Helps People with Depression

Benefits of Marijuana

Many are experiencing depression, yet it is not really talked about in many countries. There is a study that cannabis can help treat depression. It helps stabilize the mood of a person who is having a depression.

 Source: US National Library of Medicine


11. ADHD Treatment

Benefits of Marijuana

Cannabis is much safer and effective that Ritalin or Adderall. It is also natural, if your child is having trouble in concentrating cannabis might be what you’re looking for.

 Source: Taylor Francis Online



12. Treats Arthritis

Benefits of Marijuana

The THC and CBD compound helps the person with arthritis deals with pain. Notably, if you use a quality cannabis cream and balm.

 Source: Oxford Academic




13. Helps People with Epilepsy and Tourette’s

Benefits of Marijuana

Cannabis can help patients who suffers from epilepsy, because the THC has an anti convulsant properties. Also, researchers said that it might potentially lead to an effective treatment does not have any side effects.

Source: Springer Link


14. Aids

Benefits of Marijuana

In a recent study, THC might be helpful to patients with AIDS. According to some studies that monkeys who were treated with high doses of THC on a daily had more healthy cells than those monkeys who are not treated. Though, the findings are not yet tested to humans, they’re quite promising.

 Source: NCBI


15. Migraines

Benefits of Marijuana

Due to marijuana’s anti inflammatory properties that aid in relieving pain. In truth is that the effects are several more powerful than aspirin. Moreover, Doctors in California have treated many migraine cases with the help of medical marijuana.

Source: The JAMA Network


16. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Benefits of Marijuana

THC in cannabis binds to the nerves receptors and muscles that helps relieve the pain. In addition, the relieving ability of marijuana makes it good to patients who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Source: Springer Link


17. Glaucoma Patients

Benefits of Marijuana

Those who are suffering from glaucoma can rule out blindness. Cannabis decreases the pressure inside the patients eye, according to some research. There is a study in the early 1970 that showed cannabis, when smoked, can lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with normal pressure and those who have glaucoma.

Source: The JAMA Network


Final Thoughts

Though it seems like at first marijuana is nothing but a pain. It does have its benefits and very good ones in fact; it’s just the matter of understanding it. After this article you should be enlightened with the benefits of marijuana and understand that it’s not as how public perception thought it is. After all it started as a medical tool so it’s hard not to see why it has its own medical benefits. So the benefits of marijuana is real, you may not give your judgment with it.





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