Benefits of Vaping Weed

Before we proceed to discuss the benefits of vaping weed or marijuana, let us talk about what is Vaping. Vaping is the act of inhaling water vapor from the herbs or materials used in the personal vaporizer. It’s similar to smoking without the smoke or less of the harmful elements from the ingredients that the smoke gives up. One of the examples of this the devices that can be used for vaping would be e-cigarettes or Vape Pens.

Benefits of Vaping Weed

Let’s look at the benefits of Vaping Weed.

Safer Than Smoking

Let’s be honest here smoking anything can be dangerous. Even if it’s not tobacco

or weed, it is bound to have some side effect if you inhaled the burned substance. One thing that Vaping invention was dedicated for was to lessen the risk of inhaling heated substances since with Vaping instead of smoking you only heat the weed in low temperature which effectively eliminates a lot of its harmful elements.


You absorb a lot more of the acquired effects of weed that you seek out with Vaping more than Smoking. Since with vaping weed you inhale 95% of the THC compared to smoking weed where you may need to inhale more of the smoke.

Since There’s No Smoke, There’s No Smell!

Compared to smoking where the weed is combusted by flames, with Vaping you don’t smell like you just had weed since you aren’t burning bluntly but rather you are inhaling the vapor of the weed which effectively doesn’t taint you with the earthly smell that weed has after a session.

Some Vaporizers Actually Offer Other Flavors

Yep, you heard it right. Vaping is not only for the sake of not inhaling smokes and lessening the health risk or about increasing the effectiveness of weed but also surprise some Vape Pens also offer different variety of flavors. Depending on the brand of Vape Pens you brought some will offer flavors like Vanilla or even Raspberry. You may just need to look for those but it’s a pretty cool benefit of vaping compared to smoking if you ask me.

Vaporizers Aren’t As Inconvenient As You Think

Well obviously from the texts above we know that vaping has benefits over smoking however one of the issues that Vaping has is that compared to smoking, you need to buy it and it needs to be fully charged before you could use it. Compared to smoking where all you really need is probably a lighter or a match even.

But to be honest for the benefits of vaping the little inconvenience it presents shouldn’t really be a problem. I mean it’s not even really that of a big deal since there are Vape Pens which are literally the size of pens. And charging its power shouldn’t be a big deal since Vape Pens can even be charged through USB ports.

And since it’s small you can store it in your pocket, ready for those instant weed sessions.


Despite what seems to be really inconvenient when you can just burn the weed instead of using the device. Hopefully, after this read you’ll think differently when it comes to Vaping with all the benefits of vaping that has been mentioned.




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