Best Girly Weed Grinder in the Market

Best Girly Weed Grinder 2017

Best Girly Weed Grinder; If you’re looking for what to give your girly friends that loves to smoke the herb this coming Valentines Day but you don’t have any idea what to give them. You’re in the right place, we will be putting down the best girly weed grinder in the market in this article.

Moreover, there a lot to choose from. A pink weed grinder, colorful weed grinder or a grinder with your favorite cartoon character! So, let’s get down to business.

Adventure Time Herb Grinder with Pop off Top Jar

Girly Weed GrinderThis adorable Jake and Finn girly weed grinder will make the girls swoon! It made with premium quality combo, plus the set includes a premium quality black aluminum 2.5″ herb grinder with matching wood top jar.

You can grind your herbs and then store it safely in your matching 3.5 tall sustainable glass jar. This will surely make the herbs and spices last linger and stay fresh.

Also, this grinder has six free jars. You can label each of your own jar, it has six different colored mini stickers for your jar. Additionally, this is perfect for gift giving.

Girly Weed Grinder

Faded Floral Herb Grinder 4-Piece

Girly Weed GrinderMade by Swagstr Grinders, this grinder is made of pure aerospace aluminum, and black color coated. The anodized creates a strong and more durable grinder like this one. Moreover, this guaranteed you with fast and easy grinding experience.

100 micron mesh screen, pollen scraper and precision milled holes. Designed to grind herbs and spices. Also, the grinder is beautifully designed with a 3D effect.

Furthermore, it is UV sealed, water proof, scratch proof, and the design on top will not fade away. This grinder has a dimension of 2.5′ wide and 2.0′ Tall – 63mm

Girly Weed Grinder

Space Turtle Herb Grinder 4-Piece

Girly Weed GrinderIf you like turtles this grinder is for you! With 28 diamond cut curved cutting teeth. Stainless steel 100 micron pollen sifter. Also, the precision milled holes to ensure you that the only consistent grains are collected in the center chamber.

It has a powerful neodymium magnets for tight sealing, locking all the herbs and keeping it fresh! Furthermore, the finger grips are textured for a slip free grind. This grinder has a diameter of 2.5″x2″ (63mm). Weighs 6 ounces, perfect for medium grinding herbs.

Girly Weed Grinder

Blue Mandala 4-Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grinder

Girly Weed GrinderThis Blue Mandala 4 Piece grinder is constructed from a single rod of galvanized stainless steel, it is also zinc coated and anodized to be durable. The said process will make this grinder indestructible.

Will not chip, and will not contaminate the contents inside. It is design to grind the herbs with smooth and fast precision. This is digitally color printed and is UV sealed.

Blue Mandala 4 Piece has a dimension of 2.5″wide and 1.75″ tall (63mm).

Girly Weed Grinder

DCOU Aluminum Herb/Tobacco Weed Grinder 4-Piece Metal

Girly Weed GrinderMade from aircraft grade aluminum that makes this grinder lightweight. It also scratch resistant with all metal construction. No plastic nor zinc are involved in making this.

Anodized finish for amazing design and prevents from flaking, pealing or smudging marks. A very high end design, that keeps reflective color resistant to fingerprints.

Razor sharp teeth – 28 specially designed teeth for optimum grinding power. 16 precisely places in the grinding holes to guarantee the best grinding experience. Grinding is also effortless, it shreds your herbs and spices in the best way. Also, it has a pollen catcher via the mesh screen filter. The neodymium magnetic closure will provide you with no spillage, keeping your herb fresh.

Girly Weed Grinder

Tie-Dye Tapestry 4-Piece Large Zinc Titanium Grinder

Girly Weed GrinderTie-Dye design grinder might the best girl weed grinder your chick needs! This trippy design is adorable and is durable. Designed to last a lifetime!

Plus, you can use this as a two grinders in one. Just simply remove the screen section, twist it back together so you will have a compact 3 piece pocket grinder that you can bring with you anywhere.

This grinder has a dimension of 2.5″ wide and 1.75 tall (63mm)

Girly Weed Grinder

Dig Yin Yang Design Herb Grinder

Girly Weed GrinderYin Yang Herb grinder is a small grinder with a size of 44mm. Even though this is a small grinder it is heavy duty. Made from aluminum silver, h4 piece and has 3 chamber, lastly a pollen base.

The diamond shape sharp teeth are best for grinding the herb extra smooth. Also, the mesh is extra fine.

This collectible fashion design herb grinder is cover with crystal clear doming. What’s more is that this is Made in the U.S.A. Product dimension is 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.5 inches, with a weight of 0.8 ounces.

Girly Weed Grinder

Final Thoughts:

This is our best girly weed grinder lists! We hope that you like these wonderful and durable grinders that we listed above. Also, all these grinders are in style and fashionable.

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