Best Wax and Oil Vapes in the Market

Best Wax and Oil Vapes  in the Market

The third, and probably the least popular, thing you can vape are waxes and oils. Waxes and oils are also known as concentrates since they are a concentrated form of a distinct substance. Since they are concentrated, you have the advantage of needing less than what E-liquids and herbs. Concentrates from distinct herbs like marijuana are also available. We will provide you more information on Wax and Oil Vapes in this article.

A Wax Vape Pen allows you to vape waxy oil concentrates. The way they do this is that they heat up the concentrates thus creating vapor. The vapor is then drawn towards the mouthpiece. Wax Pens are portable in its form. Armed with rechargeable batteries, it lets you take your vaping experience anywhere and anytime. Wax Pens also give you the benefit of not smoking, therefore lessening your exposure to toxins.

If vaping waxes and oils are your thing, then here are a few suggestions that we have for you to start vaping wax and oil vapes.

Kandypens Galaxy


The Galaxy does not only look fantastic, but it also delivers great performance making it seem that it’s the quintessential wax vape pen. It has three heat settings for your fancy and it looks and feels top notch. You can have a quartz or titanium coils for your vape pens depending upon your choice. Whatever you choose, both of them are going to be very durable. Having a quartz chamber too just adds to the consistent vapes and flavors you can have with the Galaxy. Kandypens also offer a wide variety of fun colors you can choose with your device.

All off these does come with a price at $99 dollars. It may not be cheap, but you will also get a carrying case, a gold dabber, a charger, and a lifetime warranty for your battery which is a pretty huge deal!

Cloud V Classic or Platinum


A micro pen that can vape either a wax or oil, the Cloud V Classic or Platinum are very simple to use and are really compact, making it a perfect companion for your travels! It charges via USB which is also included with the package, and uses a classic atomizer that only needs a very small amount of wax or oils to work! And if you also want, you can have a glass mouthpiece with the device!

With prices ranging from $59 (Classic) to $79 (Platinum), the Cloud V offers you a great performer in a very compact and sleek design!

Dr Dabber


The Dr Dabber is quite larger than the Cloud V, but it doesn’t mean it performs better or less than the other. Benefiting from its larger body, it has a better battery life than the former. Having a titanium coil means that it consistently vapes your oils and waxes at a low temperature and stays at the optimal temperature which is good news since it minimizes the chance for you to burn your oils and waxes. It has a smooth draw and the flavor is one of the best out there.

The Dr Dabber comes at a competitive price of $84.95 which is not bad considering the performance it gives!

If you want to give wax and oil vapes a try, then consider using one of these devices.




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