Black Tie Grinders Review

If you are looking for a grinder that does not just give you an outstanding outcome, but have class, then we recommend Black Tie Grinders. If you want to step up to class, step up to quality grinder, then step up to the Black Tie Grinders. Let us give you further details in this Black Tie Grinders review.

Why Black Tie Grinders?

So, what’s the good with Black Tie Grinders? One of its highlight feature is being made of anodized aluminum which is what a good grinder should have. With this, the grinder will surely be more durable among any other available grinders in the market. It is also very portable as it comes in 2.5 inch diameter, 1.8 inch height and a single solid black color. When it comes to its teeth, it can cut down the herb easily and very well with its 50 diamond-shaped grinding teeth. Surely, it can grind efficiently because of those sharp teeth.

Black Tie Grinders CompartmentNot only that, it also have a sifter which is composed of micron mesh. This particular feature assures a perfect filter of the herb, a great pollen catcher. For you to be able to gather up fine pollen, the Black Tie Grinders comes with a pick to help you with it. Adding to its easy access is having round-sided pollen chamber for a much easier scraping of the fine pieces. So you do not have to worry about its grinding performance as it is completely smooth without giving too much hassle. 


Now, let us go into the Black Tie Grinders’ design. The grinder has four compartments that gives a great grinding performance, making it look like it took a whole new level. In order for the pieces of the grinder to hold together, the manufacturer made use of neodymium magnets. This helps the top chamber and the other piece to be attached to each other without having to worry about losing the other part.

Black Tie Grinders ReviewIt is not common in many grinders to include extra accessories with or for the product. Another good thing about Black Tie Grinders is it comes with a carry pouch as part of their updated improvement. The metal reinforcement of their pollen screen is what makes them a step ahead among its competitors. It also comes with two pollen scrappers to make sure you really do not get to waste any finely ground herb.

When we talk about the price, you would not have to worry as it is a mid-priced grinder and it really does not disappoint for its price. With its size, it is very easy for those who are suffering from hand issues as it has a portable size, not bulky at all. You can use and travel with it anywhere you like.

Aside from all the goody things mentioned above, another good thing about this Black Tie Grinders is having a lifetime warranty. The company surely is confident with their product as it offers timeless warranty to all their clients. If you happen to dislike the grinder, you can just simply send it back to them and you will immediately receive a refund from them. You can do this without having to suffer from any hassle. The company really does offers a full-money back refund with complete confidence.

Black Tie Grinders Review: Any Drawback?

In this Black Tie Grinders review, we iterated the numerous good spots of the grinder. In all honesty, it is actually hard to pin-point anything negative about the Black Tie Grinders. Most of Black Tie Grinders review points out the 2.5 inch of the grinder as one of its disadvantage. However, if you are keen for small grinding of herbs, then you can have this grinder. Aside from that, it is not bulky to hold.

Another downside to add to the list would be the lid’s magnets seemed to show weakness. It may fall off in you only hold one piece of the grinder, so, you need to hold both pieces together to avoid this from happening. But still, it is only a minor issue and nothing to be disappointed about for the price that you would pay. 

The manufacturer surely did know how to assure the best smoking experience because of how fine performance it gives. The slick and on-point minimal look of the grinder makes it unique, it exudes class. It is mighty fine to look at because of its solid black outer feature that not many grinders have. Generally, the grinder is good as it is for a mid-range price just like the Chromium Crusher and as well as the Golden Gate Grinder.

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