Cali Crusher – Why You Should Buy One

Cali Crusher – Why You Should Buy One

“Cali Crusher – Why You Should Buy One”, persuasive don’t you think? Well, If you’re looking for a grinder to buy for your everyday needs, consider the Cali Crusher. It has features that is comparable to the top flight grinders but is priced at a very great price. We will be talking about the Cali Crusher here and discussing its features and some user reviews. But if I’m going to give you a little bit of a spoiler: this thing is a total bang for the buck! It is also considered to be the best in the market to date!

By looking at some of the customers thoughts and opinions about the Cali Crusher, we have come into the conclusion as to why we really named the title, Cali Crusher – Why You Should Buy One, for all of you herb junkies out there! Let me list ‘em down for you.

Compact Size – Other top grinders in the market are large and bulky and are not suitable to bring around with your pocket. But the Cali Crusher definitely is not one of them. This has a very small and compact size that it fits almost any pockets you may have. You can carry it when you’re just on and about.

Tough Grinding – The power of this grinder comes in the way it grinds tough herbs like cumin seeds or mustard seeds. The Cali Crusher grinds this kinds of herbs with relative ease. So you can just imagine how it grinds through any other herbs!

Magnetic Lid ­– The magnetic lid of the Cali Crusher gives you an insurance that it won’t come apart on transit. So it keeps your herbs in place without making a mess wherever you may go. Not only that, but it’s also great for storage of the grinded herbs. This also does an amazing job at containing the smell of the herbs in the inside so that anyone won’t be suspicious if you intend to bring this thing around anywhere. If you’re concerned about that, then this thing is for you!

Anodized Finish – This feature is very important because it means that the risk of grinding a parcel of paint together with the herbs is nearly impossible! The Anodized Finish of the Cali Crusher prevents the paint job of this thing to come off of it meaning that each and every grind you do is 100% safe from harmful toxins that is caused by the paint of the grinder. As some would attest, this leads to poisoning which is actually common for cheap acrylic grinders.

Bang for the Buck ­– Despite the Cali Crusher’s top notch features, it’s surprisingly cheap compared to other top-flight grinders out there in the market. Making it one of the best grinders to be sold out there considering its price among retailers.

Despite all of the bells and whistles this product has, the Cali Crusher is not perfect. Some users were kind of disappointed by the size of the ground material or the finished material. Making the Cali Crusher not suitable for vaping. Others also said that the threading of the Cali Crusher tends to wear off fast when used on a daily basis. So if you’re a daily user, you might as well look for another option.

But nevertheless, the Cali Crusher boasts top notch features in a price range where most would be kind of meh. The Cali Crusher is a dream for those who go out and about and for those who are looking for a grinder on the cheap. Here are some of the reasons we could think about in this article: “Cali Crusher – Why You Should Buy One”.

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