Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017 —  A current effort to A federal court judge struck down regulations restricting the rights of all medical marijuana patients to grow their marijuana in Canada. This is the latest in the marijuana legalization updates In Canada. These laws were introduced back in 2013.  It stated all cannabis patients were required to buy their marijuana only from the state’s licensed producers rather than growing it themselves. The judge, however, suspended these declarations around six months ago. So that the liberal government could have enough time to come up with new favorable rules. He also ordered that the injunction that allowed certain licensed or authorized patients to grow marijuana will have to remain in effect.

Marijuana Legalization Updates In Canada

The case heard between February and May of 2015 by the judge was launched by four British Colombian residents who said that these regulations violated their charter rights. The attorney representing the medical marijuana patients at the time, could not hold the news for much longer after the judge’s decision before tweeting that they had a win on that day.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to legalize marijuana according to new documents. The liberal government will have to do substantial work on the international stage before following through on the prime minister’s promise. It also has to figure out how to comply with three international treaties to which Canada is a party. All of which have criminalized both the possession and production of cannabis.

The prime minister’s plan to legalize, regulate, and even restrict people accessing marijuana has already proved to be both complicated and controversial to undertake on the domestic front, especially because it must require working with all the provinces. Canada will have to find a way to tell the rest of the world how it has planned to conform to its treaty obligations before the government can face the longest and hardest slog in the global arena before it can decide on legalizing marijuana domestically.

According to the liberal policy, Canada must amend her participation in three conventions, which requires for the legalization, possession and the production of cannabis. The country will also need to explore the convenient ways they can use to inform the international community and also take the necessary steps to appropriately adjust its obligations under the three conventions. Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

Canada's Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

Marijuana Patients Can Order Medicine By Mail

Since marijuana patients can only access their medicine by mail order. Canada’s largest drugstore chain has promised to expand its distribution by just stocking various cannabis products. In more than 1000 of its stores across Canada’s ten provinces. The notorious Shoppers Drug Mart Corp is in negotiations with many different cannabis producers in the country. To negotiate the possibility of striking a package and supply deal that can allow the company’s pharmacies to carry a generic version of marijuana, branded with the shoppers name of course.

On the other hand, many pharmacists play a vital role. Since they are the medication experts in prescribing and monitoring the medication to ensure its safety and optimal use. In addition, they also believe that dispensing medical marijuana via a pharmacy is one of the safest option. To be considered by the liberal government. Treating marijuana the same as alcohol or tobacco should enable people to smoke cannabis for any purpose they see fit.

Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

Trudeau government will be introducing the legislation to legalize marijuana this spring. Though, many are still wondering when will be they can purchase cannabis. Plus, it is still not clear if this will happen before the said election.  Although, the bill for the legalization is passed in the House of Commons and the Senate. That it might be late this year or early 2018. This does not mean that the legality of marijuana is available immediately.

Canada's Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

Furthermore, it will take time to get the system to set up in all provinces. Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott. “We need to make sure that there is a strict regulatory process in place and that there are restrictions in terms o access. We also have work to do on the public education front.”

Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott was asked if cannabis would be legally full and available in Canada. Right before the polls will happen in 2019. She said that she can’t give a specific timeline for that question.

Legalize The Regulation

Also, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said that the Liberal government needs to determined to bring forward the legislation. To legalize and the regulation of recreational use of pot this spring. Even though, there are many working overtime to manage the unknowns that is associated with the U.S President Donald Trump.

There are also concerns on introducing marijuana legislation in Canada, that it could create trouble with the U.S. In addition, Wilson-Raybould says that the Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is talking with counterparts in the US. This about potential impacts from their government’s plans. Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

The panel have suggested that Canadians 18 years and older should be able to buy recreational cannabis. They can buy through store fronts or mail order basis. Storefronts who are selling cannabis that is known as dispensaries are not licensed by the Health Canada under the current law.

Canada's Marijuana Legalization Updates for 2017

For the meantime, the parliamentary budget officer is projecting that 4.6 million Canadians will consume pot when the legalization will start in the first year. Also, this will rise to 5.2 million by 2021. A good news to hear for Canada’s marijuana legalization updates for 2017.

Sales tax revenue could be $618 million by 2018 or even high as $959 million. Depending to tax rates and based projections to legalized pot.





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