Chromium Crusher Grinder Review

If you have a budget but want a good herb grinder, then this is the grinder for you. An excellent budget grinder, you won’t pay much, but you will get a lot of bang for your buck.

chromium crusherWhy The Chromium Crusher Grinder?

Let’s look at the good points for this grinder first. It weighs only 10 ounces and measures only a few inches in height and depth. Heavy duty zinc alloy is the material of choice, which means it is going to stand up to nearly whatever you can throw at it. The surface is refined and has an ultra-smooth finish, which makes it very easy to use.

The Teflon O-ring is an excellent feature as well and not something you commonly see in a budget grinder. The O-ring is a great thing to have because it prevents metal rubbing on each other between two pieces when you are grinding. With that smooth grinding thanks to the O-ring, it is easy to twist the parts, and they will last for a long period.

There is no shortage of teeth with this grinder. There are 54 diamond shaped teeth that create an excellent shredding potential for your herbs. No problem to grind up even the toughest strands.

The screen, made of stainless steel, is nice and small and will help you create a great fine powder for vaporizing. The bonus mini-pollen scraper, or kief scraper (let’s call it kief around here), is an excellent addition. It allows you to get that fine powder out, which is great if you are smoking marijuana since the kief has a higher potency that regular marijuana. Want to learn more about kief?

four piece chromium chrusherThe Chromium Crusher is heavier than other grinders, even at 10 ounces, but that gives it more feel in your hand, and it can make it easier to use, especially when you have larger hands.

The Chromium Crusher grinder is highly functional, and since it is heavier than aluminum grinders, you have more leverage in which to grind. It makes grinding much easier for you. The magnet lids will also keep anything from spilling out when you are grinding. It is also very difficult scratch the Chromium Crusher, or even damage it, something you can’t say about lesser-quality aluminum grinders that cost more.

What’s Not To Like?

The Chromium Crusher is an excellent product that you will love. Of course, as with anything, there are some small drawbacks, but not as many as you would think with something that comes at a fair price.

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Ironically, the biggest problem with the Chromium Crusher is not even their fault. There are a number of fakes out on the market. It’s because it is so affordable and of such high-quality. They will say Chromium Crusher on the lid, but it won’t be an actual Chromium Crusher. Make sure you buy the right crusher from the right vendor.

Another problem with the Crusher is the fact that when it is brand new, some pieces of the screen will break off. This grinder is an excellent price for what you are getting and is better than more expensive and higher-quality grinders on the market. You can’t go wrong with this excellent grinder.


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