What’s The Difference Between a Vaporizer and a Bong?

There are many ways to consume cannabis, vaporizing and smoking are two of them. One of the most common way of smoking is through a bong, but recently, modern vaporizer is making a buzz. Are you one of those who are curious about the difference of the former to the latter? We have read some forums revolving around vaporizer and bong, and we have picked up a thing or two. Here are some notions you need to know:

VaporizerWhat Is A VapePen

Though vaporizer has been around since a long time ago but in various forms, it was not until recently that the modern vaporizer has made its way to its popularity. Basically, vaping is the application of heat to a liquid to create vapor. The vapor it creates is nearly odorless and breathing it still gives the smokers a nicotine hit. In the market today, the variation of vaporizers is overflowing. A lot of establishments have even popped up where you can buy everything you need to vape including the vape-able liquids which are in variety of flavors. This liquid is the heart of you vaping experience.

Vaporizers are definitely not only for those who loves tobacco, it is also popularly used by marijuana users. Today, the vape pen is widely known. In this device you can use oil that could be a derivative of marijuana. Even so, the smokers are still treated with all the benefits. Depending on the type of vaporizer, the usage of it is not difficult.

BongWhat Is A Bong

Water pipe or bong has been around longer than the vaporizer. It has been used for centuries. In the present, the bong that we know have already come a long way ever since its initial invention. This is very recognizable to those who uses tobacco and herbs around the world, especially for those who are an avid user of the two. Normally, it comes in glass or could be acrylic. It is very notable for its pipe with large open leading to a water chamber and an inlet where the smoke comes out.

The thing about the bong is you can take large hits which means it will hit a little harsh. Bongs that are made of acrylic usually don’t break easily compared to other bongs. The same material of bong costs cheaper than the others as well. In bong, the smoke is being filtered through the water. But it can get smelly if the water remained unchanged.


Both the vaporizers and bongs are available everywhere. There are even misconceptions about the vaporizers effect to the smokers. Others say that vaporizers don’t give a higher high as the bong. Actually, unlike bong, vaporizer can make you feel higher with a lesser amount of dosage and delivers a clean effect to your system. Smoking through bong is much different for it takes other dangerous chemicals to your body. Others have been saying that they would even rather choose the lowest quality of vape over the best bong.

Though vaporizer may be expensive than the bong, in the long run, you can save extra money if you use vaporizer than the latter. This is because vaporizers consume lesser amount of needed supply. You can cut down your consumption and still have a higher effect. As for the health benefits, a study namely MAPS/NORML study have shown that filtering a smoke with water is not a good idea. Filtering smoke with water means that the liquid will also filter out the possible active components from the herb being burnt. Since smoke made by bong passes through water first before it will be inhaled, therefore, it is dangerous than the vaporizer. The latter doesn’t need water in order to filter smoke, and it doesn’t even produce smoke, only vapor. This means, you have cleaner lungs when you use vaporizer than the bong.

In addition, it is a little harder to bring bong anywhere you prefer because of its size being bigger than most of the other popular smoking devices. Most of the metal bowl of some bongs affects the take of the smoke. Other than that, the seals of the bong have the tendency to loosen. You can’t also clean its plastic, it can only be rinsed with water.


Though the amount of research studies regarding vaporizers is already behind the trend, people have been constantly sharing their opinions through forums about their experience on vape and bong. If you ask smokers, or have read plenty of forums regarding the matter, you can see that they have different reasons for using a vaporizer or bong. In general, vaporizer tops the bong when it comes to health benefits and is cheaper to maintain.




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