Different Ways of Using Marijuana

Different Ways of Using Marijuana

Marijuana has been enjoyed by many people for a very long time now. It’s usually being smoked by rolling it to a joint or using bongs for the ultimate experience. But because of technology and research, a lot of new different ways of using Marijuana, may it be for euphoric or medical reasons, has been discovered. Traditional methods still work. However, if you want to try out some of the ways to enjoy Marijuana, we’ve compiled a list for you to try different ways of using Marijuana.

Let’s get started with the list!


They say that the traditional way is still the best way to enjoy Marijuana. And smoking is still the way to go for those looking for the best hit. There’s a lot of ways in smoking Marijuana. Here are some of the list that we’ve known so far.

Joint – Probably the most common way of smoking Marijuana. Some use pure Marijuana while some (especially in European countries) mix in tobacco as well. Whichever way you choose, both deliver a sensational hit.

Ways of Using Marijuana

Blunts – It’s rather similar to a joint but is much thicker and hold more weed than traditional joints. It’s said to be the “old school” way of smoking Marijuana. It’s also very popular as some notable artists (Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg) endorse this way of smoking marijuana.


Pipes and Bowls – This way is a quicker way to smoking. But quicker ways tend to compromise an experience of smoking Marijuana. And the compromise from Pipes and Bowls is that the taste may not be up to par. In using Pipes and Bowls, you actually have to light them up each and every hit you want. This can be good depending on the situation, but not recommended for outside use.

Pipes and Bowls

Bongs – Considered as the best Marijuana Paraphernalia, Bongs are the quintessential way of smoking Marijuana. They are quite decorated and could be used for displays of some sort. Bongs can take a lot of time to create. But once you have it, all the hard work definitely pays off with the sensation you get by using this stuff.


Bubblers – A miniature variant of Bongs. This is perfect for transit as they usually fit inside your pocket. Like bongs, the smoke inside takes time to cool-off that creates a bigger hit for the user.


Dabs – A very potent BHO (Butan Hash Oil), these are meant to be smoked with a rig while using a blowtorch. It’s much more intense compared to the other ways above. Though it’s a much healthier approach of smoking Marijuana, the danger is still real in dabbing as it may cause burns on your skin if you’re not careful. This is not recommended for beginners so use it on your own risk.


Vaporizers (Or Vaping)


Though it’s quite similar to smoking, Vaping is actually just vaporizing the marijuana, hence making it a much healthier approach in using marijuana. Though there are no sufficient evidences that Marijuana does cause harm to our body, it’s still pretty clear that vaporizing marijuana is much safer than actually smoking it.

There’s a lot of Vaporizers in the market today. If you want, you can check out some of our recommended vaporizers for dry herbs where you can see some of the best vaporizers out there in the market.

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Oral Consumption

If smoking or vaping is not your thing, then there’s another way of consuming Marijuana without the hassle of burning it but still having the same effects.

There’s actually a lot of food items that can have Marijuana in it (most of which are desserts). But we need to point out that ingesting Marijuana via food is not the only way to orally consume Marijuana. While orally consuming Marijuana still reaps you the benefit of getting high, the hit comes with a little bit of a wait. It is said that the effect comes at around thirty minutes or longer but not longer than 2 hours. But the hit is definitely longer and stronger. This is because when Marijuana is ingested, a chemical transformation for the cannabinoids present in the Marijuana occurs.

With that out of the way, let’s see some ways of how to ingest Marijuana.

Snacks – A variety of snacks come into mind when mixed in with Marijuana like brownies, cakes, cookies, etc… If you’re looking for other recipes except the ones we listed, just do quick search on Google and you might be lucky to find the recipe of your choice that has Marijuana in it.

Snacks with Weed

Capsules – Since Marijuana has medical applications to it, it can also be in capsule form. But be careful as these is very potent.


Tinctures – Yes, letting it dissolve in your mouth can and will give you a hit as well. All you really need is just a few drops on your tongue and the effects kicks in in about five to fifteen minutes.


Sprays – They are just like tinctures but intended to be sprayed to the mouth. Just have a spray or two, and you’ll be feeling the effects almost immediately.


Drinks – Ever heard of Brewed Marijuana Coffee? How about Weed Beer? Yes they exist! Though not as easy to produce, but they definitely exist.  That’s why it’s not as popular as making it as a snack.



Final Words

Well, these are some of the different ways of using Marijuana while still providing a great hit but with a little bit of creativity. If you have questions regarding this article or if you know other different ways of using Marijuana that is not listed in this article, feel free to comment them below.




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