Golden Gate Grinders Review

One of the great grinders we found to hit those factors is the Golden Gate Grinders. Now, let us dive into details in this Golden Gate Grinders review.

Why Golden Gate Grinders?

There are a several number of Golden Gate Grinders’ positive features that we can point out. This certain grinder almost makes choosing the best grinder easy. If you have been lurking around several review sites already, you will know how many users are overwhelmed with the Golden Gate Grinders. So, what could be its best features that the users liked about this grinder?

Golden Gate Grinders Compartments

One thing to like about the grinder is having made with an anodized aluminum. This material makes the grinder scratch and peel resistance. Even if you accidentally scrape it to concretes and such, you do not have to freak out, it will make no effect to your grinder. You will be free from worrying about the grinder’s teeth being broken even if you use it as frequent as you want. Even if use it multiple times at heavy times, it will still keep doing its work and keep grinding. Just like the Black Tie Grinders and SharpStone Grinders, the Golden Gate Grinders has a micron steel mesh sifter which ensures to catch the finest pollen. The more you use the grinder, the more it keeps kief. If you want a grinder that has a better material, you can consider the Space Grinder, but it is more expensive.


Golden Gate Grinders TeethUnlike the common grinders today, this grinder has a diameter of 2.5 inch. It is divided into four pieces and assures to catch the finest pollen. There are grinders that has 25 teeth, this particular grinder has 45 diamond-shaped, extremely sharp teeth for grinding. For the ground pieces, it will easily be dropped into the next chamber because of having 44 holes.

The lid of the grinder has a neodymium magnet which holds the pieces together. This makes turning the grinder upside down nothing to be worried about. It will not pop off when you start grinding herb with it.

Most of grinders with best features offers the best warranty as well. With Golden Gate Grinders, it assures a lifetime warranty service to its costumers. If you happen to have tried the grinder and is not happy with the result, you will get a money-back guarantee. When you use it and it would not suddenly work right, then you can just turn it over their service table. Offering a lifetime warranty ensures the costumer that Golden Gate Grinders really does have the best quality. The company is confident with their product which makes the user to rely on the product.

When we talk about its performance, it really do reach the peak level even for its affordable price. It is a mid-price grinder and the lifetime warranty makes it have a huge plus point. In addition, it also seemed to have a large storage capacity which makes it possible to store herb for future use.

Golden Gate Grinders Review: Any Drawback?

Before you make a choice, there are several factors  that you should consider looking first before anything else. For instance, you need to read more than one Golden Gate Grinders review and know what makes the grinder have the best quality. In this particular Golden Gate Grinders review, we consider the grinder a quality item. It have the good points but it also have a few drawbacks, but they are only minors. One is having a single color which limits those people who likes to have grinder with other color to fit their personal preference. It also has a single size which is 2.5 inch unlike to other known herb grinders. The good thing is, the manufacturer is thinking of releasing additional models. So, we shall see if those models will have improvements.

Though it has limited varieties for colors and as well as sizes, overall, the Golden Gate Grinders has is a great grinder. It meets the factor that one will look for an herb grinder. The company provides excellent costumer service as well and a lot of people can prove that if you read the user review. If you are in budget, then we recommend you to have this grinder. It is not only affordable, it has already the best features as well! You can check the other weed grinders on the homepage.




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