Hemp vs Marijuana

When we talk about a cannabis plant, the most popular name that comes up is marijuana, and there are also others who are incorporating the hemp. These two are often misunderstood with regard to what it really is and what it is used for. A lot of rumors say that hemp plants are male and that marijuana plants are actually the female counterpart; that the latter is a drug and the former is not. When you roam around the world wide web for forums about hemp vs marijuana, there are always those who are confused with the difference between the two. With this, we give you the details of what really is with hemp vs marijuana.


hemp vs marijuana

In the cannabis plant specie, hemp is the term secondly used after marijuana. It was cultivated nearly 10,000 years ago in the land of Taiwan. There are ancient cultivators which recognizes this cannabis plant to have dual characteristics. Hemp is actually used to describe a cannabis plant that has only trace amounts of the known tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

In general, hemp refers to cannabis’ strains which are specifically for fiber used for construction, ointments, clothing and a vast number of purposes that do not involve intoxication. Hemp exists for a valuable reason, it is very useful for its fiber length and as well as strength. When it comes to food, consumption of hemp seeds can actually help lower cholesterol and as well blood pressure. The oil of hemp seed is perfect for skin and as well as hair care. The combined nutritional value makes it one of the best vegetable body care foundations.

In addition, it can also be used as fuel. There are hemp biodiesel and as well as methanol which are made from the fermented stalk. Where can it be used? It can be a cooking additive, salad dressing, body care products, spreads, paints, detergents as oil. The hemp seep can be a baking additive, feed, beer, flour and a whole lot more.



If we speak of cannabis plant, the work that we easily incorporate with it is the marijuana. It is the slang term for cannabis’ strains which are bred for potent resinous glands. In line with drugs, marijuana is the most popular and commonly used. It is a mood-altering drug that will affect almost every organ in the human body.

There are different ways on the consumption of marijuana. It can be through smoking, vapor, tea, balm product and a lot more. Though, certainly, the effects of marijuana are negative which lead the government to ban this drugs. People commonly uses marijuana to feel elation, relaxation and as well as giddiness. If used, it produces changes in sensory.

Differences of Hemp Vs Marijuana

The difference with hemp vs marijuana are actually begins with its two (2) primary distinctions — the legal and as well as the scientific difference. Though they have differences, the two comes from the same plant. Debate is still up with the issue of difference between the hemp vs marijuana — for their contrast which dictates the usage of both. The thing is, both of these plants are actually from the same plant species which is the Cannabis Satila L. For years, the cultivators of cannabis plant have something to do with the manipulation of the plant in order for them to encourage some specific traits to uplift the dominance.

When we actually go deeper with the differences of hemp vs marijuana, there are a lot that we could site. One of their differences is with their chemical. This dictates the way that the cannabis plant is use for medicinal  purposes. For further detail we will go through it by section:


Among the oldest domesticated crops, Cannabis is the most popular one. Throughout the years, there have been a lot of variety of cannabis breed for medical and as well as industrial uses.

So, basically, the hemp and marijuana are from the same specie plant, Cannabis. Through the different type of how the cultivators cultivates the plant, there is now a separation of hemp and marijuana. There are tall plants which grows for certain purpose such as to  make variety of oil, textiles, foods and as well as fabrics. These plants are breed with some other plants which have the same characteristics. It leads now to the cannabis type we know as hemp. How about the marijuana?

If the cannabis is in cultivation or is breed selectively for religious and as well as medical purposes, the unique varieties of cannabis is now a marijuana.

In general, herb vs marijuana is not really an issue fit for a debate. Both are kind of the same thing. They are both of the same plant genus. The thing that differs the both are its scientific differences.


Though hemp vs marijuana are popular in debates, these two grows for different uses. Considering this, both of them will require different conditions when it comes to growing.

Those which are for medical cannabis, it is selectively breed for several generations already. The characteristics optimizes during its cultivation in an environment which enables the plant to produce female flowering plants. This will yield budding flowers at the flowering stage which will be helpful. This could be a representation of marijuana.

On the other hand, hemp plant the male without having to represent the flowering buds. It has a low concentration of THC, in contrast with the marijuana.

It is a fact how achieving the maximum THC levels of marijuana is tricky. The cultivation will require close attention to those grow-room conditions.


There are different laws surrounding both the form of cannabis, the hemp vs marijuana. This makes any research for both the cannabis very difficult. Despite of these barriers, the researchers still find way to make progress in getting patterns and understanding how the medical marijuana works.

Aside from that, there are also developing hemp technology which does not fail to continue in revealing intriguing ways. And as well as new industrial plant way that can help contribute to the society in the future.




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