How Does Dabbing Cannabis Work?

“DAB” comes from the act of touching a concentrate to a hot surface. Moreover, touching a hot surface to the concentrate, then inhaling the vapors from it. Furthermore, dabbing is a form of cannabis plant that has been refined. Leaving only a potent substance.

In fact, dabbing has been around for almost a decade now. Although, there are concerns that are addressed for the consumers safety because of its production and the potency of the popular concentrates. But, this new trend is not that bad after all. We will be breaking down some of the issues that surrounds dabbing.

How Does Dabbing Cannabis Works:

How Does Dabbing Cannabis WorksHow are these made? Dabs are a form of concentrated cannabis. It is made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids. When extracting concentrates, using solvent like butane or carbon dioxide are used. In addition, this will result in sticky oils that is commonly specified as shatter, wax, budder, and butane hash oil or BHO.

At the same time, it is also possible to extract a non-psychoactive compounds such as CBD. While THC is what the potent effect of dabs. IT makes it the fastest and most useful way to get medicated. Moreover, Terpenes, what others called aromatic oils that gives flavors to cannabis can be also be extracted. Though, this can be difficult to retain due to volatile compounds while doing the extraction process.

Is dabbing Dangerous?

How Does Dabbing Cannabis WorksHow does dabbing works? Is it dangerous to dab? Well, let’s begin with dabbing can be actually dangerous! In point of fact, it is the extraction that can be dangerous. Moreover, doing the process is a bit tricky. Though, thanks for online forums and videos that think they boned up the technique of doing their own concentrates. Some of the DIY products are not that good, and some of the DIYers blow up their houses.

Also, the certain process of dabbing might quite look scary. Also, due to using glass bongs and other weirdly named substances. It has been led to the correlations that dabs are the “crack” of cannabis. Also, if you ask if there are any side effects of dabbing concentrates. Well, if your concerns is about butane, it most likely to have minimal effects. Although, when the extraction process is done correctly it can be avoided.

Moreover, due to the fact the dabs are concentrated it is possible to overdose on cannabis. Although, it is not murderous, taking more than you limit of dabs can lead to harsh highs. Others in some cases are passing out.

Medical Benefits of Dabbing Concentrates:

How Does Dabbing Cannabis WorksBe that as it may, dabbing not for ever body, specially if you’re a newbie.  How Does Dabbing Cannabis Works — There are also positive outcome of using concentrates. In fact, it gives a powerful dose of medicine to those patients who truly needed it.

For example, patients who are experiencing chronic pain or extreme nausea said that dabbing is the best way to get urgent and efficient relief to them. There are some patients that needs to get immediate effect and they can’t get it fast on smoking or vaporizing.

Final Thoughts:

Thorough, dabbing concentrates does help many patients that needs immediate relief. Also, for cannabis consumers in the near future. We do hope that this article helped you to learn about How Does Dabbing Cannabis Works. For more articles and weed grinder reviews, click HERE!




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