How to Grind Weed without a Grinder

Using traditional methods in this modern generation does not seem to be as appealing as those ways that are inline with trend. In the world of weed, the tools that are being developed are upgrading from time to time just to make it easier for the user. Few of these tools are bongs, electric cigarettes and even weed grinders. Today, weed grinders are very popular as it does not just lessen the hassle for the user, the outcome that it produces is very fine and usable. This makes the traditional method get even down since aside from how it causes hassle, it also does not really assures good performance. The traditional methods are the answer on how to grind weed without a grinder.

However, not all people know that traditional methods on how to grind weed without a grinder actually exists. There are actually a number of these methods, and most are actually unbelievable and unique. So, in this particular article, let us walk you through some ways on how to grind weed without a grinder.

4 Ways on How to Grind Weed WITHOUT a Grinder

1. Pair of Scissors and a Shot Glass

scissors and glass

So, the first one is a pair of scissors and a shot glass. Does this pair really works? Well, believe it or not, it works. You might really have to exert effort with this traditional method. What you have to do is to put an ample amount of weed bud into the glass. Then, ready the pair of scissors to start snipping the weed bud inside the shot glass. You can actually make use of other material aside from a shot glass, as long as the bud can be kept closely.

2. Jar and Coins


Another unique traditional method to answer how to grind weed without a grinder is a pair of coins and jar. This one works as your own personal homemade weed grinder. It is an unconvincing method, isn’t it? However, this method still will do the job. What you have to do is get an empty glass bottle, or jar. Be sure that it is empty and is made out of glass or even ceramic as plastic-made will not be as effective. If you have one, then toss the coins inside bottle together with the bud and begin shaking the whole glass bottle. Though it does work, it is not really efficient and will surely take you longer time to grind the weed.

3. Coffee Grinders

coffee grinder

Surprised? We have been mentioning how this article of how to grind a weed without a grinder will introduce traditional method, but we have included a coffee grinder as one of the possible methods. Since the coffee grinders are mainly use for grinding coffees and not with weeds, we have listed it. So, how should you grind your weed with a coffee grinder? Just like how you would do when you grind a coffee, you just have to toss the weed directly into it and press the button to start grinding. Just make sure to clean the coffee grinder well after use to avoid the residue of weed from mixing to your other ingredients.

4. Cutting Weed with a Knife

knfie and herb

Out of the three other traditional methods mentioned above, the most effective one is cutting the weed with a knife. The good thing about this method is how the tools are available just within your reach. You would not have to turn your house upside down just to find the tools. One of the most practical method of cutting down the weed is with a knife. You just have to chop the bud with your sharp knife until it becomes a fine residue, or as you desired. Though it does take time to get your desired outcome for your weed, it is the most effective and the very practical traditional method.

Final Thoughts

Though the four ways that we have introduced above are effective, it is not really efficient and is far from the modern weed grinders that are existing in the market today. However, knowing the traditional methods on how to grind weed without a grinder can still be a good alternative. If you happen to suddenly want to grind weed but do not have the weed grinder at that moment, then you can utilize the traditional methods. It may take you longer to have your desired output from those traditional methods, still it is better than nothing. If you do not want to use the traditional method, then better get a weed grinder to ease your grinding.




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