Things you want to know about Hybrid Cannabis

Things you want to know about Hybrid Cannabis

There are two known strains of cannabis the Sativa strain and Indica strain, both have widely differing effects as one of them can hype you up and the other will make you feel chill, I won’t go into detail on what are the exact effects when I meant “hype” and “chill” as you may already know which is which between the two, but fortunately there’s a way that you could experience a combination of effect of the two strains without actually consuming those two at the same time. And that’s when Hybrid Cannabis comes into the light, and we shall be discussing the things you may want to know about Hybrid Cannabis.

The Unique Combination

Knowing that Sativa and Indica are quite different and each contain their own set of attributes when smoked or vaped or consumed in different ways, a correct set of combination of attributes that the two set of strain may provide a wonderful combination that would be more desirable than the standard Sativa or Indica strain or maybe just different from the usual.

The creation of new strains

Fortunately when it comes to new Hybrid Cannabis, you don’t have to hope for nature to miraculously create a new hybrid strain that would suit the needs of cannabis enthusiast regardless if it’s for recreational or medical purposes. You can breed strains of hybrid cannabis through a controlled environment with selective breeding mostly.

The Usual breed of hybrids

Though there are many varieties that have been discovered and can still be discovered through experimenting but there are generally just 3 categories of hybrid cannabis which are:

  • Hybrids that have higher Sativa

Not entirely Sativa but it has most of the effects that Sativa traits has and little of the parts that Indica gives but just enough for a pleasing combination of both that gives most of the relief that Sativa provides which is to mostly provide euphoric effects.

  • Hybrids that have higher Indica

The indica dominated hybrid cannabis has a higher ratio of Indica which would mean it has more “chill” effects that Indica provides. Like purely Indica cannabis strains they are recommended to be used during the night and can provide body pain relief for medical purposes.

  • Hybrids that have even ratio of Indicaa and Sativa

This one doesn’t have a dominant strain. This is for those who are looking for even balance between the effects of Indica and Sativa strains. One of few examples of these hybrids is Blue Dream, XJ-13 and Super Silver Haze.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to breeding cannabis it may be difficult to grow your own Hybrid Cannabis and if possible just make a way to purchase one. However the general point as to why trying Hybrid Cannabis is a thing is that maybe you want something new and you’ve already tried both Sativa and Indica cannabis. It could also be thought this way that you may want the combination of effects from both strains yet consuming both at the same span of time is unfeasible.

There are many more things that you may want to know about Hybrid cannabis that wasn’t mentioned in this write-up. But one thing is for certain Hybrid Cannabis can definitely bring new flavor for those who have marijuana enthusiasm.




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