Are Intelligent People Inclined to Smoking?

Are Intelligent People Inclined to Smoking? It has been such a challenging part in the federal government with finding professionals who are expert in cyber security but are not marijuana smokers. There are a lot who have talent for the job, but will not fully qualify due to failure with other qualifications. Qualifications such as no consuming of marijuana.

Intelligent People Inclined to SmokingIn the early quarter of 2014, it has been admitted that the government really does not have a good internet security measures. Aside from that, most agencies takes long time in hiring practices suited for the job vacancies. This is to assure that they meet the qualifications needed.

During a hearing, FBI chief James Comey was quoted saying how difficult it is to disqualify a lot of candidates who are inclined with cannabis. He noted how a lot of top cyber security experts and hackers are very fond of cannabis. They need to hire a work force that are very equip in fighting cyber criminals. However, those who are capable for the job would want to smoke on the way, which causes their disqualification.

Intelligent People Inclined to Smoking

Now, the thing about hiring cyber security experts needs to follow certain process and rules. And one of these rules are certainly against the use of smoking marijuana. For this reason, even if someone is capable in doing the job, hiring will not be an option. This is due to the agency’s policy not to hire someone who have used marijuana in the last three years.

Also, a lot of Americans are actually in favor of legalizing the use of drug. The legalization’s number of public support is now more than double from 1970s data. However, the administration has been flexible on the matter. There are theories that maybe, FBI will consider the issue regardless the government’s stance. Especially that the agency is set to hire more number of people every year — experts into fighting computer-related crime.

According to the FBI chairman, there is a need for the government to loosen up the qualifications. Adding how would anyone would want to quit a habit for work, especially that they are really into smoking. Let us consider the following:

How intelligent cyber people tend to be smokers

SmokerIntelligent People Inclined to Smoking? Moreover, there have been studies that shows many intelligent people tend to smoke. According to Kanazawa from, there is a confirmation through the data from the United States that the hypothesis predicts more intelligent individuals are more likely to smoke than less intelligent individuals.

In addition, brain researchers was able to prove how smoking increases intelligence. In their findings, smoking increases the IQ six points higher in tests. It also states that quitting smoking would likely result to decrease brain activity, said by one of the professors.

With this in mind, maybe relaxing the hiring restrictions with regards to marijuana does make sense. That is why the agency might consider and encourage anyone to apply for a job even if they are smoke potters. As told by the director at the General Accountability office, the hiring practices of the government are of those 1940s and 50s in the present century.





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