Kingtop Grinder Review

As the herb grinder manufacturer line up their innovations to technology, the more their product is equipped with great features. In order for them to catch the attention of their possible target market, most of them offers a product with unique features and characteristics. In this particular field, it is time for you to know about the Kingtop Grinder. Why so? We shall know more as we dive further into details in this Kingtop Grinder review.

Why Kingtop Grinder?

In line with herb grinders, having a diameter of 3 inch is expected to have an expensive price. But with Kingtop Grinder, you will not have to worry about its price. It is one of the cheapest grinder with the given size.  Most of the herb grinders with small size have higher price starting from $20 up to over one hundred. The Kingtop Grinder is one of the best economy herb grinder.

Kingtop Grinder Compartments

The grinder is made of durable zinc alloy material unlike the best grinders with the anodized aluminum. When we talk about its teeth, it has one of the finest for having 45 sharp teeth. In grinders, the more teeth, the more it can help create an even fine pollen.

The same with most of the herb grinders in featured in this website, like Chromium Crusher, this grinder has a pollen filter. This pollen catchers will help in filtering the fine pollen of herbs with the rest of its batch. Having this, you will surely be able to utilize the high quality herb with this grinder. Included in the grinder is a scraper tool. This particular tool will help scrape the pollen filter screen to clear the passage of the pollen and make it easy of it to pass through to the chamber.


When it comes to performance, this grinder does not fail to give even grind of the herbs. A lot loves to use this particular grinder because of its ability to provide consistency with the fine pollen. One of its highlighted benefit is not leaving chunks behind when it comes to grinding. Whatever will be put into the grinder will surely be ground to fine piece until all the residue will pass through the chamber and be ready to be used. Since it has bigger chamber, you will not have to worry about pouring out the content sooner. Aside from that, it works fast as well. Compared to manual grinding of herb, it will lessen the time of grinding by half.


The entire outer look of the grinder is actually almost the same as the common black herb grinders today. It is composed of four pieces and can be used in different kinds of material such as teas, tobaccos, herbs, and as well as spices. It could also be used for grinding herbs that can potentially be used for making medicines or even herbal teas. The good thing about this grinder is having an assurance of no spilling of the contents. It has magnetic lids, just like most of the herb grinders today, to prevent the contents of the grinder from spilling out.

A lot have appreciated the grinder for being easy to be used. You just have to put an ample amount of your herb to the top part compartment of your grinder and twist this section back and forth. Once done, you just have to unscrew the bottom for you to be able to collect the now fine pollen.

In addition, cleaning the Kingtop grinder is very easy which is not usual to other herb grinders. Since it comes with a scraper, cleaning the pollen catcher comes easy. Aside from that, their is also a small brush included in the grinder to clean the interior of the grinder with convenience.

Kingtop Grinder Review: Any Drawback?

In this Kingtop Grinder review, we have iterated the good, positive points of the grinder. Though it has its own advantages, it also has its fair share of drawbacks just like the other grinders. One is with its material. It is made of zinc alloy, however, it is not as good as aluminum-made grinders. And this material is actually a lot heavier making the Kingtop Grinder not quite recommended for being portable. There are also few users that completed about its noise when it grinds the herb. In addition, the pollen filter is not really the best that we have encountered and made an impression of being easy to break apart when used multiple times.

Kingtop Grinder Size

In addition, the size of the grinder may be too large for most users. Most herb grinders that are popularly used ranges from 2 to 2 inches in diameter.

Despite those drawbacks, Kingtop is still recommendable because it still will give you fine pollen and will give you great performance as well. If you really want to check the rest of the weed grinders, check our homepage.



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