Marijuana Culture in the US

As the culture around the world is changing, various states in the US are legalizing the consumption of marijuana through various new laws. It is evident that the marijuana culture in the US is changing their attitudes on banning the substance for recreational use. The government has begun changing rules so that marijuana is available to people on a taxed, and regulated basis. This is similar to the distribution structure set for alcohol which was also prohibited from 1920 – 1933 in the United States. Since there are seemingly more advantages to marijuana consumption, some states have started to change their stance on their marijuana laws (not to mention the economic boost it could have on a states’ economy). This includes the procedures to enable individuals, and companies, to grow marijuana for medical patients.

Marijuana Culture in the US

California initiated the process of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. This has spread like a wild fire as other states are now also thinking about amending their laws in a similar manner. This is at a time where researchers are reporting the relatively harmless effects of marijuana. They even make the case that the long-term health effects of marijuana may be safer than that of the more widely accepted vice of alcohol.

Recreational Use

As of present, various states are realizing the benefits of marijuana uses for recreational purposes. United States faces a high overdose rate due to various drug uses. However, marijuana steers clear of all such possibilities with an overdose quantity of nearly 40,000 times the usually consumed amount. People from various fields are coming together in the support of marijuana legalization across the United States. Well renowned people like Steve Jobs and Peter Thiel have reportedly accepted using marijuana, and found it helpful towards their overall development.

Public Support

With the rising awareness and usage of marijuana there are different trends surfacing among people. Vape Pens or vaporizer sticks are a simple and safe to use device which can be used in airplanes or other public places by people. Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently won an Oscar for his movie “The Revenant” was seen flaunting a vape pen at an event. Other celebrities including actors, singers, comedians, etc., are also seen using them from time to time. It is evident that the marijuana culture in the US is trending towards more acceptance for legalization.

Marijuana Sales

Marijuana is being sold in a wide variety in legalized stores to people and it comes in edible form as well. With legalization of marijuana people are getting good quality along with safely manufactured products. Quality control and other regulations will help the industries set official standards for marijuana production.

Changing Marijuana Laws

The new laws focus on providing people with safe and tested marijuana which is only sold to people above the age of 21 years. Earlier, prohibitions were proposed for non-medical cases but with the taboos around this plant being lifted the governments are making them available for general people for recreational usage. Reports say that the economic impact of marijuana legalization may drive markets of above $30 Billion in the United States alone. California has reported massive revenues after legalizing marijuana, and other states which followed the suit report similar findings in their results.

Marijuana Business Trends

As the industry grows, more people will benefit with the consumption of marijuana. People are beginning to invest in businesses, or set up their own industry for manufacturing pot legally. Once the federal restrictions on selling and consumption of marijuana are lifted, banks will be able to finance businesses easily.

Final Thoughts

As the marijuana culture in the US changes, the people are beginning to accept the trend of marijuana usage. Following the example of Amsterdam, people of the United States expect to see legalized marijuana and hash products being sold openly at stores. A high tax yield, and public demand, is also sure to bring about changes in the legal structure for production and distribution of marijuana across the United States very soon.




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