All the Marijuana-Legal Countries

All the Marijuana-Legal Countries

The decriminalization of marijuana is controversial topic, in most places marijuana as viewed as “bad” in which most places followed the example set by the US some time ago to criminalize it. Though in most places its illegal there are still places that have pushed its legality even just medical marijuana with heavy restrictions, apart from some States in the US, there are some marijuana-legal countries.

Maybe you believe in medical marijuana and looking for a safe place to medicate whatever health difficulties you are experiencing or maybe you are just looking for a place to smoke a joint without alarming the authorities. Then this is the list for you.

United States







Ah the land of freedom, also cannabis. As we know there are States that legalized the consumption of marijuana, mostly for medical purposes, but good news is that for those who enthusiastic about smoking or vaping, there are 4 states in the US that allow recreational marijuana use given that you are in the right age of course. There is also a whopping 25 states that allow the practice of medical marijuana which is good for those who believe in the power of medical cannabis.

It’s not just about legality that makes United States a solid choice for cannabis enthusiast, but there are also existing marijuana tourism particularly in Colorado which makes it easier for those who are passionate about it.



In year 2009, the Supreme Court has ruled that the personal use of marijuana in very own private places are allowed, as long as it small amounts.

Maybe you have a friend that lives there or a property there and you could possibly have a happy time on your own there. Just be careful though selling, transportation and cultivation isn’t allowed so you may want to learn how to get some joint to smoke on your own.



The states of Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and the Northern Territory from Australia allow growing up to two plants in your own private home. Apart from those states the use of marijuana is mostly illegal just like in most marijuana-legal countries.



Just this January 16 the possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana is allowed. And of course personal use of it is allowed.



One of the more cannabis accepting marijuana-legal countries since they actually have decriminalized the possession of marijuana up to 3 grams ever since 2003 granted that you are also 18 years old or older.



Though has still not been completely decriminalized they allow personal use of marijuana. With their own healthy set of restrictions of course.



Now this country is one of them. Marijuana has mostly been decriminalized and it’s widespread use is known even among foreigners, there are even “Happy” restaurant where they serve cannabis infused food, which is quite popular.



The neighbors of the US in the north are also quite open-minded when it comes to cannabis, for medical and industrial purposes marijuana use is welcome as long as you get a government issued approval.



Since 2005, the personal use of marijuana is allowed there, in 2015 the growing and cultivation no longer needs them to require an approval from The Chilean Agriculture service, they are now allowed to grow their own personal marijuana, though transportation of marijuana is still illegal.



It’s not just a sweet country with sweet culture; you can also have some sweet cannabis time in that country. Technically you can possess for up to 22 grams of marijuana and you cannot have more than 20 cannabis plant which is more than enough for your personal consumption.

Costa Rica

costa rica

Apparently as long as you possess only enough marijuana for personal consumption you should be fine.

Czech Republic

czech republic

Possession up to 15g and cultivation up to 5 plants is fine in this exotic country. Medical marijuana is also accepted as prescription of it has been allowed since 2013.



Owning up to 10 grams for personal use is allowed in this country.



Estonia is also quite lax when it comes to personal marijuana consumption since 7.5 grams is allowed for personal use. However be careful not to go more than that, the difference is between legal to 5 years of jail time. Yikes.



In West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa Tripura, and the Gujrat, there are laws that allow the use of marijuana which is great.



They have just recently decriminalized the possession of marijuana but only upto two ounces though. Also they can grow marijuana upto 5 plants for religious reasons.



In November 17, 2015 they decriminalized marijuana for possession and personal use, which makes them the first Arab to decriminalize marijuana.



Thanks to the violation to human rights of the criminalization of the use of marijuana, Mexico decriminalized personal use up to 5 grams since August 21 2009.



The first country to decriminalize the use of all drugs, this would mean that includes marijuana.

Puerto Rico

puerto rico

Though it’s only limited to medical use of marijuana, its worth to mention that the use of marijuana for medical reasons is completely legal in that Puerto Rico.



Probably the ultimate destination when it comes to cannabis apart from US and Canada. They completely allow the use of marijuana. So if you are thinking for a place to smoke outside where you currently are, you may want to consider this place.

Final Thoughts

There are some marijuana-legal countries that I haven’t mentioned but as you can see there are quite a lot of places that you can smoke some joint, most of them have limitations for obvious reasons but regardless just in case the place you currently reside isn’t a good place to have some cannabis-infused enjoyment or maybe you are looking for a place to have a vacation on but one of the checklists you have is that it allows cannabis, know that you have options. Here ends the list of all marijuana-legal countries.




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