Medical Marijuana for Pets

Medical Marijuana for Pets

In the modern era we have people who are quite passionate when it comes to domestic animals, it isn’t uncommon to see somebody own dogs or cats in their homes, in fact one of the reasons why veterinary medicine exists is due to people caring about pets or just animals in general.

Which brings us to another point, what if you are a marijuana enthusiast? Well obviously it’s a different matter. Though it matters not if you are both a pet lover and cannabis lover or not. Know that marijuana can be used for medicine, which brings to the question is medical marijuana for pets viable?

What makes this a good idea?

Before we explore cannabis for pets, the timing is very convenient for owners of struggling pets considering that 25 states have allowed the use of medical marijuana. Considering how modern medicine is developing and are now revisiting the roots of modern medicine which is plant medicine. It may not only be unusual if herbal medicine in general not just cannabis related medicine for pets.


Apparently THC is the one that produces the effects where somebody gets high. CBD in fact doesn’t, CBD isn’t psychoactive. So for medical purposes only, getting the CBD for the pets should be good for them.

Be careful of overdosing though

Medical MarijuanaCurrently since medical marijuana while isn’t has just recently gained resurgence due to the recent acceptance and decriminalization of it. For humans, the amount of marijuana you could intake isn’t that difficult to figure out and not that particularly dangerous unless you consume just way too much amount.

However for animals, the normal amount human usually consume for medical marijuana purposes is way too much for pets. In some cases

Marijuana Intoxication may have other risks

A bit related to the previous discussion.

When we get too drunk or too high there’s a chance that we may get injured or not be very careful of ourselves since we would lacking some coordination to ourselves. And that is when we are really high or really drunk.

Animals like dogs as mentioned don’t have the same tolerance as we do. And without the intelligence like us pets may not fare as well as we do under influence of marijuana and may actually get harmed while under its influence.

So this is another thing that needs to be considered when it comes to marijuana for pets.

When is medical marijuana applicable for pets?

Marijuana MedicationGenerally medical marijuana is used to relieve pain in different cases. Now it is being considered that medical marijuana may also work for those who have pets also helping them with pain in different cases as well.

Though as of the moment, there isn’t a conclusive proof that medical marijuana for pets would be effectively consistent in all cases but there are already many pet owners who risked trying medical marijuana and it worked for them.

This should be something worth looking into.

Final Thoughts

With the ever growing popularity of medical marijuana and the changing public perception of it, considering it for pets may be the step into the right direction.

After all if it works well for humans there may be a chance it also works well for household pets as well.




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