Mendo Mulcher Grinder Review

Size & Weight: Very Small (2.25 or 3 Inch – 4 Piece), Light (10.4 Ounces)
Material: Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum (6061-T6 Bar Stock)
Teeth Shape: Sharp Oval (Tooooo many!!)
Magnets: Not Mentioned
Price: Above Average

Our Rating: 4.7/5

Recommended for People: Strong; People who prefer performance over design;.

Watch the Mendo Mulcher take down 5.30 grams of bud in this cool video!

Not ready to drop a ton of cash for the Santa Cruz Shredder or Space Case Herb Grinder? If that’s the case, then we highly recommend the Mendo Mulcher. It’s affordable and offers similar features like the top-end grinders; but, there are some definite drawbacks we will discuss.

Why The Mendo Mulcher?

mendo mulcher grinderThe Mendo Mulcher is a grinder that is built to be strong and durable. It is a rugged and heavy duty grinder, which makes it heavier than other grinders out there. Coming with an extra grip, it can be quite easy to grind with it, despite its heavier design.

One thing that is unique about this grinder is the fact that the Mendo has a second piece that screws inside the third piece. There are threads that it screws into, and while that may seem like a good thing, it lowers the overall quality. The edge of this second piece is where the build-up will start to occur when you are using the grinder a lot. After the bud piles on, it can be frustrating to grind.

In order to grip and turn with your hand to tighten the piece or loosen it, you need to put your fingers where the buildup is, which can make for dirty work. With the second piece, when you are grinding, the second piece can begin to unscrew itself as a result of the friction from the top piece moving back and forth within the grinder. You need to screw the grinder piece in very tight to prevent this from happening, but again this makes for messy work when you need to unscrew afterwards.

Nonetheless, the design is very strong and sturdy. Also, there are a lot of sharp teeth that make cutting relatively easy for anyone using the Mendo Mulcher, as long as the parts don’t begin to unscrew on themselves. It’s made up of one single piece of high-quality aluminum, so the teeth are not going to be breaking off on their own.

The absence of an O-ring does cause problems with the metal-on-metal contact when you are grinding. Having an extra piece would help to keep things smooth and prevent any squeaking or noise while you are grinding. The third piece is large, and it contains the screen. The extra surface area is good, and it allows you to grind up a lot of herbs at once.

The screen isn’t screwed into place, but set into the aluminum, and this is a good thing because it shows that it is higher-quality (no glue in there!). One problem with the screen is that the pore size is rather large, so you are not going to get as fine of a grind as you would like. It’s a great sidekick for anyone that looks blunts and joints, but is less desirable for vaporizers.

Is It Right For You?

Should you invest in this herb grinder? Despite its solid feel and its lower price, it is not the best in terms of lasting. Yes, the materials are high quality, but the multiple parts begin to break-away because of the rough grinding. The herbs are going to build up and make a rough grind, and a lot of material is going to make its way into the bottom through the wide-open screen. With the extra build-up, you are also going to have a more difficult time getting the compartments separated. If you are going to be using your grinder on a regular basis, then forget about the Mendo Mulcher (see our other suggestions here). If you are new to herb mulching and only need to do it occasionally, then this is your best bet.

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