New Marijuana Tourism Business in Colorado

We have seen a lot of growth in the marijuana industry over the last few years. The legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes have created a boom in business in those states. None is more prevalent than the growing marijuana businesses cropping up all over Colorado! One that may be a surprise is the new marijuana tourism business in Colorado.

New Marijuana Tourism Business In Colorado

This tourism business is especially designed for those that want to unwind in an atmosphere embraced by others. This is the dawning of a new age for those that like to partake in the pleasures of enjoying a good smoke (or vape). There are entire vacation packages designed especially for those looking to embrace the marijuana lifestyle, but not just sitting inside a weed bar or cafe (nothing wrong with that though, just saying).

Good Combination With Vacation

Due to the recreational use and exploration of marijuana being legal, it is a good idea to time your vacation with marijuana tour in Colorado. Here are some of the different marijuana tourism-related businesses in Colorado.

The Hotels

Most of the hotels that allow the use of marijuana on their property, limit it to the use within the rooms only.  However, that is changing as the attitude for marijuana use in Colorado is becoming more socially acceptable. Despite that, there are not any major hotel chains around Colorado that allows the recreational use of marijuana. Even the hotels that do allow the use of marijuana, most do not opening encourage it.

Smoking or vaping marijuana is possible due to the laws in Colorado that allows hotels and private rental properties to decide whether they allow the consumption of Marijuana on their premises. Usually, smoking of any kind is banned for hotels and resorts. However, there are also exceptions where they allow vaping or smoking inside designated areas, or outside on the property.

Most of the hotels in Colorado that are “cannabis-friendly” are situated at Denver. Some even offer packages like “bed and breakfast” deals and cannabis-related activities for your enjoyment.

Private Residence

It’s not just hotels that are included in new marijuana tourism business in Colorado. More and more private residences are also offering up packages that cater to those looking for a cannabis-related vacation. There are options available for those on a budget, or those who want to take in a luxurious rental vacation. These private residences are allowed the same laws for smoking or vaping marijuana as the hotels and resorts. The main difference is the experience you are seeking. These private residences are usually more private and secluded. So, if you are looking for a place to “call your own” for a vacation, then you should consider looking into one vacation packages.

The New Marijuana Tourism Business in Colorado isn’t only about hotels, resorts, and private residences. Let’s take a look at some of the new packages that are also being included in this new, booming industry.

Cannabis Massages

Yes, a cannabis massage! You heard that right. You can partake is a cannabis-infused massage. These massages are offered as full-body massages available in the Denver metro area. These massages last around 60 to 90 minute per session, depending on the package you select. These massages use cannabis-infused massage oil to bring a different kind of relaxation that calms your muscles and nerves. It increases your muscle sensitivity which gives a very soothing and lasting effect.

Cannabis Cooking

Most people know about using marijuana as edibles. Now, more and more people are using cannabis in their cooking. Yes, you can mix cannabis with food. This is a growing trend, and “industry experts” are emerging to provide advice, recipes, and tutorials about cooking with marijuana. Now, you can taste some of these new edibles on your vacation get-away in Colorado. Be sure to take look into the vacation packages that include these cannabis cooking lessons.

Cannabis Excursion And Dispensary Tour

Another activity that is offered by the new marijuana tourism business in Colorado is the cannabis-related tours. These tours can be about dispensaries, edibles manufacturing companies, and even a tour with large grower facilities with thousands of plants. In addition, there are many local Denver attractions that offer great cannabis tours!


In the end, only time will tell if this new marijuana tourism business in Colorado is just a fad or it is an industry that’s going to be here for a long time. However, it is surely one that is growing at a tremendous pace. New industries are being created all over the state of Colorado. It’s an exciting time for those looking to experience a great vacation experience in Colorado.




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