Platinum Grinders Review

One of the best cheap-tier weed grinders among all weed grinders known in Amazon.  Slick, black, smooth weed grinder that has Anodized Finish which makes it scratch free. For a price lower than $20, it’s definitely worth it for its quality. As a proof, it was even marked as “Amazon’s Choice” and rated #2 in Kitchen and Dining > Mincers.

Size: Large (2.5Inch – 4 Piece)
Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Teeth Shape: Diamond
Magnets: Neodymium
Price: MID

Our Rating: 4.2/5

Recommended for people: Who hate scratches with low budget.

Why the Platinum Grinders?

In Amazon and other online shopping websites, one of the best selling herb grinder in their list is the Platinum Grinders. It is exclusively sold and can only be found online. Now, what’s with the Platinum Grinders? Is it worthy of having the top position among other herb grinders? Let us get down into the details.

 Platinum Grinders Review

The good thing about the Platinum Grinders is how it is made of ultra-strength premium aircraft grade aluminum which is a great material for herb grinders. It has been milled on high tech machines to add extra durability, toughness and to give you the ultimate quality that exceeds your expectations. This is what most common cheap weed grinders lack and does not give consideration. The grinder weighs 12 ounces and is very portable as its size is only at 2.5 inch. It has the perfect size and weight for the great grinding experience. Most of grinders that has similar size has higher price than this grinder, so this is also a plus for the Platinum grinders that is why it has been the best selling quality grinder on Amazon.

Platinum Grinders Review Design

 Platinum Grinders Review When it comes to its design, the grinder has a standard four-piece design. The outer appearance is made of anodized aluminum making it scratch resistant. You will not have to worry if you drop the grinder accidentally, no harm. It also has textured grooves for a slip free grip when you start grinding your herbs. On the other hand, the inner part of the grinder is from a silver aluminum material. Its sharp teeth is in diamond shape which makes herb grinding fine and easy, promising an effortless and efficient grinding of herbs and spices. 

 Platinum Grinders Review The stainless steel mesh screen of the grinder filters pollen even those that have been finely ground into the catcher. And, another good thing with Platinum Grinders is it is inclusive of pollen scraper. You would not have to worry how to scrape the fine residue on the screen. Very fine feature, isn’t it? You will get to have every bit of your ground herb without wasting too much of it. And another thing, you will get to fit a plentiful amount of herb into the grinder and will still grind it finely.

For the compartment to stay in tack, the grinder is neodymium magnets which holds it back tightly. This gives freshness, tight closure, and as well as odor control. The same with the Chromium Crusher Grinder, the Platinum Grinders has a thin Poly O-Ring as well for a much smooth grinding performance and to make less friction as well.

Another strength of the Platinum Grinders is having a lifetime warranty. You do not have to worry about using the grinder everyday and it might break as you can have a replacement of the grinder for free. Though, it still depends on the kind of condition that your grinder gets. Other than that, this grinder proves to have not just smooth and tough performance, but is built to last a lifetime which makes it a reliable buddy.

Any Drawback?

When it comes to Platinum Grinders, you cannot really point out a highlighted disadvantage of this grinder. However, there a few minor issues that we have observed. The drawback that this grinder have is how the herb stick to its teeth. Other than that, all are good. Though, if you are picky when it comes to color and such, you might also consider its one size and color field as a drawback. But then again, it is only a minor issue. The same with other grinders as well, this particular grinder does not have other extra accessories. It does not have a custom design box, extra scrapper or even a carry pouch. The Platinum Grinders is good for those who wants a grinder without expecting any other accessories. 

If you want to have a grinder with your preferred color and as well as size, then you might want to consider other great grinders as well. Just make sure that the grinder has great features. Consider looking closely to details of a particular grinder before buying one.  

Overall, you will definitely love  Platinum Grinders Review because of how comfortable it is when you use it. It is an example of price and quality balance that is why it has become very appealing to a lot of people.

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