Police Invades the Home of Marijuana Advocate

Police Invades the Home of Marijuana Advocate

According to most Americans when you hear or see the phrase “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about” is now coming into question. This is because of to the widespread usage of camera phone and social media they already see the police true nature and purpose. Even if this guy was only promoting this advocacy in their school, the police seemed to investigate and catch this person who was just an advocate. Here’s what happened:  A woman living in Kansas named Shona Banda was refusing to allow entry into her own home after paying dollars to half dozen police officers in her yard who had no warrant and that she was suspected of drug possession because of her son that argued in favor of marijuana at an anti-drug presentation at his school.

What are the odds? Sadly, it was never with them.

As the police invades and searches for marijuana in Banda’s home without warrant materialized, they found 2 oz of cannabis oil that Banda uses to treat her Crohn’s Disease. Banda is from Colorado in which marijuana is legal while it is strictly outlaws marijuana in Kansas. Variations of stories that “she broke the law, she deserves it,” are bound to begin. Now the question is that, who was breaking the law because the police refused to allow her entry in her own home.

Nowadays the system is no longer working because they and too many Americans do not think that the police have something to worry about if the people who are ostensibly tasked with upholding the law do not feel anything when they break it, it makes me angry that they are doing something wrong like watching multiple officers violate the law and the people’s rights doesn’t leave me please with their ability to do their jobs or secure my safety.

Why were the police present at that time even if they had no warrant?

Well it’s the job of the police officers to just follow orders. They might also be questioned if they try to go against this and might even be investigated further creating more fuss. It’s a hard decision for them and usually it is really hard for these people to do what they really believe in. In this case, they chose what were ordered to them. While these who ordered to hunt Shona Banda must be someone who’s just bounty hunting around the city and receive a higher pay through catching someone who didn’t even smoke the marijuana but using the marijuana oil for medical purposes.


It’s a sad event that Shona Banda is now paying for court appearances fighting a system that doesn’t really care what happens as long as they earn money from it. The whole justice system is built against anyone who doesn’t have money and doesn’t care much about what is right.

Half a dozen police officers and even social workers waste the people’s tax that they earn. Shona Banda’s current problem is the fact that she is an easy target for the revenue collectors. It’s not her fault and she does not deserve to be imprisoned just because she taught her son to speak loud what he believes in. Well, here ends with how the Police Invades The Home of Marijuana Advocate.





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