Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Reasons to Legalize Marijuana

Yes, you heard that right. It may not seem like a good idea at first when most people hear about legalizing marijuana. However, it has benefits. Benefits that will bode people well, and not just for those who are into weed. Let’s discuss the reasons first before handing out your judgment. There are many different reasons to legalize marijuana. Let’s take a look at those.

The Medical Applications of Marijuana Alone is Enough to Consider Legalizing it

As we know Marijuana isn’t only for recreational purposes. It also has many known medical benefits. This should be one of the best reasons to have it legalized. After all, it has a long history of it’s medical benefits before it was banned. Surprisingly, medical marijuana has a wide variety of health applications such as controlling muscle seizures and mental health.

It’s Probably Safer Than Alcohol and Cigarettes

Obviously anything without moderate use can cause serious harm to anybody. However, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes actually cause more damage to the body more than marijuana does. We know alcoholic drinks and cigarettes are legal in most countries, so why make an exception with marijuana?

Its Reputation Isn’t as Harmful as You Think

One of the other reasons to legalize marijuana is purely based on its reputation. However, the reputation is more based on myth, than it is on fact. This is more related to the previous reason. As mentioned earlier, we know that alcoholic drinks and cigarettes are more likely to cause health problems than marijuana. In fact, marijuana can be therapeutic or helpful to some problematic mental conditions such as insomnia, depression and anxiety disorder. It is even used to help control epilepsy. It has some really serious medical advantages that shouldn’t be dismissed merely because of its bad reputation. The medical community is embracing the use of medical marijuana more and more everyday. So, the reputation is starting to cast a positive light on the legalization of marijuana for medial use.

Legalization WILL Reduce the Chances of Weed Enthusiast to go to Criminal Entities for Weed Source

It could be just for recreational purposes or you think that medical marijuana is good to whatever you are illness you apply marijuana treatment with, you will be looking for sources. And legalizing it will make it certain that you will look for the legal source. Cause why not? There’s no need to risk and buy from a non-legal source if you are getting the same stuff anyways.

Legalizing it Also Means There is a Return on the Government

Somewhat related to the previous reason, we know that anything that can be bought or sold legally has taxes. If there’s money to be had the government gets a share of it, doesn’t matter where you are in the world and that would mean it is helping the government as it gets something instead of nothing.

Legalization Won’t Actually Make Marijuana Use Numbers Go Out of Control

Legalization of it may seem like a bad move as it would allow everybody to be able to use marijuana but not exactly. Policies and restriction will make sure that the Marijuana usages don’t go abusively out of control. In fact, this way the government can have a better control and monitoring over the general marijuana usage rather than the trying prevent people from using it.

Final Thoughts

There are more reasons to legalize marijuana. It appears the government and public opinion are starting to realize that as well. After all, we are seeing the benefits in the medical field, and even in those states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.




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