Santa Cruz Shredder vs Space Case Grinder

When it comes to choosing the best grinder, you need to consider a lot of things: from design, performance, value, and the coolness factor. Since the popularity of grinders blossomed, a lot of brands for grinder have gone all out in the market. It makes it hard for you to choose what grinder to choose and from what company. In this article, we will walk you through the comparison details of two (2) top American grinder brands: Santa Cruz Shredder vs Space Case Grinder.

Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the premium grinder brand from California. From the time it had reached the market, it constantly has been attracting a lot of users. It gives the most dependable and as well as effortless grind. On the other hand, the Space Case Grinder is dubbed as the most original grinder. It is equipped with the best titanium and as well as aluminum units. Not just that, it comes in different sizes and you can as well choose for a non-magnetic or magnetic one. But which one of the two is the best?


If you go buy something, the thing that will attract your attention is its appearance. With Santa Cruz Shredder vs Space Case Grinder, both their designs are excellent. However, Space Case has a more professional aura than the other.


We have surveyed several online forums to collect opinions regarding the comparison of Santa Cruz Shredder vs Space Case Grinder. So far, we have read a lot of positive comments with the Santa Cruz Shredder compared to Space Case. It just shows how effective the Santa Cruz Shredder to the users from which we can agree with. This particular grinder gives off the best speed and as well as performance among the two.

Santa Cruz Shredder is best used for medicinal marijuana purposes. The manufacturer of this grinder have thought of making its grinder not following the normal conventional shape we would normally see in a grinder. Unlike any other grinders, Santa Cruz Shredder have square shaped teeth that allows to grind the herb in multiple directions ensuring to ground the material in a very fine detail. A lot are impressed with its performance.

On the other hand, Space Case does not really fall far behind the Santa Cruz Shredder. The Space Case have teeth that cuts like knife. You would not need too much effort in operating it because it gives off a very pleasant experience. In addition, this certain grinder has a kief catcher — which makes it a plus feature of the Space Case because not all grinders are equipped with this. This grinder is also good for those who will use this for grinding marijuana.


The other thing which one should put into consideration with choosing grinder as well is the price.  Between Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder, the former is more expensive with a value of $10. But the good thing is its lifetime warranty. With this, you can exchange your current Space Case grinder to another new grinder if ever your grinder malfunctions, as long as it is no fault of your own.

Coolness Factor

Let’s face it, both of these herb grinders are the Ferrari and Lamborghini of of weed grinders. They both feel great in your hand.  Personally, I like the look of the Santa Cruz Shredder, but I love the feel of the Space Case Grinder (I own a couple of each) 🙂  Despite your choice, either of these have the coolness factors that will get noticed when you break out your weed grinder.

Santa Cruz Shredder vs Space Case Grinder Verdict


So, which one is better? The two are actually good, depending on your usage. Santa Cruz Shredder is perfect for those who want to use a grind for medical herb, while Space Case is best to grind down marijuana. The former is designed for incapacitated and the other is not. When it comes to size, the Santa Cruz shredder is a little bigger than any other models available in the market today which means, it is not as portable. However, Space Case is the opposite of the former, it is very portable. So be sure to consider if you want to bring the grinder wherever you are or if you just want to use it at home.

Aside from the popular opinion of the online crowd, Space Case Grinders really wins this case because of its overall features. It has a very superb performance, cheaper than the other and has a nice design compared to the other shredder. This grinder becomes the crowd’s favorite especially for smokers because it does not fail to grind the material into fine details. Other than that, it requires you less effort to clean compared to other traditional grinders.

Have we made clear comparison between Santa Cruz Shredder vs Space Case Grinder? You may also want to share your experience using any of the grinders, we will be glad to hear from you.  Please let us know your thoughts below in the comments.


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