Santa Cruz Shredder Review

Size & Weight: Medium (3Inch – 4 Piece), Super Light (6.4 Ounces)
Material: Medical-Grade Aluminum, Rasta Anodized Coating
Teeth Shape: Square
Magnets: Neodymium
Price: Few Bucks Cheaper than Space Case Grinder

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Recommended for People: Medical Marijuana Patients; People who Occassionaly use Weed; Wants Space Case Quality but wants a smaller and lighter one;

Why The Santa Cruz Shredder?

Ranked 2nd among the top 10 best weed grinders. Santa Cruz Shredder gained its popularity perhaps just because of the term “medical-grade” anodized aluminum which is actually just the same thing as the “aircraft-grade” aluminum. Now, it’s so popular for medical marijuana users.

The medical-grade anodized aluminum material means that it stays clean, regardless of how much you use it and what herbs you are putting in it. This grinder stands the test of time, unlike the cheaper models out there.

The Santa Cruz team reviews and analyzes every detail of their precious shredder. What you are getting is an end product that has gone through a number of improvements. These improvements, over previous designs, include things like the unique square tooth design. The square teeth make it easy to grind all your favorites strands. They also improved the pattern to keep it from cross-threading. The improved threading helps to increase the life of the shredder and ensures you will be using it for many years to come. Another great improvement is the rare Earth magnet that is used to close the lid. That keeps the lid closed, and prevents it from popping open when you are grinding up your marijuana. No need for an extra mess when you are already behind on your blunt session (hehe).

The textured grip of the shredder is also an excellent feature of this shredder. It makes it easy to grind up the bud without making it uncomfortable for you. It’s a fantastic feature because it will prevent hand and wrist pain. For anyone who suffers from arthritis as well, having the textured grip makes things much easier to use.

Cool colors of santa cruz shredder

Look at all the colors!

While it may not matter to some people, you can get the shredder in a variety of colors including black, red, grey, silver and green. One thing that makes this grinder unique is that while most grinders, like the top-quality Space Case, use diamond shaped teeth, this grinder uses square teeth. These square-shaped teeth help to grind up the herbs just as well, and it is a nice change from the industry-norm as well.

What’s Not To Like?

It’s fair to be picky when you’re analyzing a high-end marijuana grinder. While there is almost nothing really bad to say about the Santa Cruz Shredder, there is one thing we noticed: the kief doesn’t build up as fast as we’d like (see intro video above). The Space Case definitely will give you a faster kief build, and you know what that means.

Another issue with the shredder is the same problem seen with the Space Case. It is the price tag. If you’ve never owned a grinder and smoke occasionally, you may want to start with something cheaper. The Santa Cruz Shredder’s price tag is higher, but again, keep in mind you are paying for an excellent product, and a lifetime warranty means that you are going to be using it for many years to come.

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