SharpStone Grinder Review

Size & Weight: Very Small (2.2 – 4 Piece), Lightest in Top 10! (4.8 Ounces)
Material: Aluminum
Teeth Shape: Diamond
Magnets: Neodymium 
Price: Below Average

Our Rating: 4.0/5

Recommended for People: Who likes seeing their weed being grinded and wants a choice of design; Wants the lightest weed grinder;

Quick Overview

The SharpStone grinder is one of those “in-between” grinders. What do I mean? Well, it’s not in the same class as a Space Case or Santa Cruz, but it’s better than some of the cheaper options. If you’re new to herb grinding, tobacco grinding, or weed grinding, then please read on. If you are in the market for a herb grinder, or need a temporary one while you contemplate a big purchase, the SharpStone grinder is a solid choice.

It is no secret how multiple innovation of grinders have been popping out to level the standard of today’s technology. If you are into grinders that does not just offer a high quality performance but will definitely fit your budget as well, you might want to consider SharpStone.

Unlike any other weed grinders, the SharpStone has variety of sizes. You can choose from their extra small size to the large ones. It is not only the sizes that they have varieties, you can also choose to have 4-piece and 2-piece grinders. Aside from that, if you are keen for having your own color, you will be happy to know that SharpStone also comes in different colors. There are SharpStone grinders that have 25 or 50 teeth and even those that have magnetic lids.

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Why The SharpStone Grinder?

There are a few great reasons to buy a SharpStone grinder:

SharpStone grinders are believed to be “everything your herbs need“. Does it really live up to this expectation? The manufacturer of SharpStone have been carefully associating technology to their innovations for crank-grinders and top grinders as well.

With their clear top grinders, as the herbs are being ground, you will get to see the process. It is said that these clear top grinders are well made and efficient for those satisfied users.

On the other hand, the crank-grinders are very much useful for those who have arthritis and would not be able to twist the grinder’s lid. With the crank mechanism of the grinder, twisting and grinding the herb becomes a breeze

1. The Price

The SharpStone grinder can be picked up for around $30 (varies). Compared to the Space Case, that’s a lot of savings. I’d call it a budget grinder; it’s absolutely the perfect choice for someone that wants to test the grinder market.

SharpStone Grinder

Clear Top!

2. The Clear Top

Overall, the clear top is more of a novelty than anything else, but some people love this feature. The top part of the grinder is usually metal, making it impossible to view the grinding process. With the clear top you are able to watch the grinding experience with a birds-eye view. Not something I care about, but everyone is different.

This Is Sharpstone Clear Top 2-piece herb grinder 2.2 inches in Brown Color. This design has 9 different colors you can choose from; Green, Blue, Silver, Black, Grey, Pink, Purple, Brown and Red.1stpicture


3. A Kief Scraping

The highlight feature of this grinder is with its kief catcher. It can collect an overwhelming amount of kief which makes the grinder to have the best quality catcher among its competitors. Other than that, the razor sharp teeth of this grinder will easily break down herb buds.

You do not have to exert more effort into twisting the grinder as it will only need a few twist. You will then get your nicely ground herb that will fall through the holes.

The good thing about this grinder is even if you use it from time to time, it will not really need maintenance as it does not get jam easily. This will also allows you to easily clean up your kief when it falls through to the bottom. If you’re having some friends over it’s a nice treat to throw a kief on the end of the blunt.

4. Pollen Press

Sharpstone Pollen Press, is the real deal! It’s way better than the other pollen press in the market.  The size of this is 2.75 inches long, sure the user of this can bring it anywhere. It only weighs 0.25 Lb., no 7thsweat to carry around town.  The end of the Pollen Press has pins which you can removed so that pollen grains can be filled. It can be easily open. The Sharpstone Pollen Press is the finest pollen presser you can buy

Drawbacks With The SharpStone

When you hold this grinder you can tell it is in a league below the Santa Cruz and Space Case. It’s has a cheaper feel and will not last as long as the premium brands.

I’ve found that the turning of the top plate becomes sticky after you’ve used the grinder for a period of time. I was using the grinder for a little over a month and noticed the grinding motion became difficult to administer. The reason this happens is because the O-ring is made out of plastic, and that makes it a perfect nesting spot for all the herbal oils to build up.

Another area for concern is the teeth that do the grinding. They are great when the product is new, but they will not stay sharp and last as long as the high-quality grinders. After a few months, I noticed the grinding process became more difficult. You can opt to clean the grinder, but having to do it often makes it a turn-off for me.

There have also been reports of metal falling into the herb grind. While I have not witnessed it myself, this can be quite frightening. No one wants a piece of metal in their herb. Just because I haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened; I’m not tuning into this every time I grind up my weed.

Sharpstone has a specialty herb grinder too.  Check these babies out!


  1. Hard Top 4-piece vibrating grinder 2.2 inches (Black)
  2. Hard Top 4-piece vibrating grinder 2.2 inches (silver)
  3. 5-piece herb grinder
  4. Pollen scraper/shovel
  5. XL Clear Top 4-piece grinder 4 inches
  6. Push Clean 2-piece grinder

Hand Crank Grinder 5th

Here! Here! Sharpstone Grinder have a surprise. Sharpstone v2.0 is finally here! It comes with a new design and it is looking fantastic. Version 2.0 come with Large v2.0 Clear Top Black (Silver), Large 2.0 Crank top Black (it also come with a blue one).


Let’s move on to the Sharpstone Grinder Hard Tops. Hard Tops has a 2-piece, 4-piece and a 5-piece grinder design with different sizes of 1.5 inches, 2.0 inches, 2.2 inches, and 2.5 inches. Again, you can always choose from different color that suits you. Here are some of the Hard Tops coolest grinder:


Should You Buy The SharpStone Grinder?

Again, this all goes back to where you are in your herbal career. If you’re new to the grinder game then I strongly recommend you give it a try. You’ll be a working with a solid grinder, and won’t be subject to the premium price tag. You’ll learn what you like and don’t like with a grinder.

I’d also recommend it if you are in need of a temporary grinder. Maybe you lost your good one and you’re not ready to splurge again. The SharpStone will hold its own for another six months (longer if you are willing to clean).

Don’t buy it if you’re an experienced grinder and are looking for a top-end product. Make sure you stick with the best ones: The Space Case and the Santa Cruz Shredder.

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