Space Case Grinder Review

This short but sweet video demonstrates why the Space Case is the #1 herb grinder on the market (and boy does that bud look good!).

Why The Space Case?

If you are looking for a herb grinder, and you want the best grinder on the market, then Space Case is the grinder for you. The Space Case Grinder, which comes in many varieties; but, few better than the Four Piece Titanium Grinder, is the ultimate in grinding machines. Measuring in at 3.5 inches in diameter, the four piece grinder will cover all your grinding needs. Seriously, you can throw nug after nug and you’ll keep getting that perfect grind.

Four pieces of the space grinder

The Four Piece Space Case Grinder

The convenience of this grinder cannot be understated either. When the grind is done, all the residue goes through a special screen, and it is collected in a tray that is at the bottom of the grinder. Boys and girls, this is called a kief catcher and is a must have for the serious stoner. If you’re not sure what kief is then be sure read about it here.

The cutting teeth of this grinder are extremely sharp and shaped in the form of the hardest substance known to us: diamonds. The diamond-shaped grinding teeth will never get dull, and they will grind down your finest kush. They can grind down to the finest dust you need, and the grind is very consistent, so that nearly everything in the grinder is ground to the same level. This is perfect for your blunt rolling or vaporizing needs.

Look at those teeth!

Look at those teeth!

The fact that it is made of titanium means that it will not rust, and it is extremely strong. This is an excellent feature of the grinder. The anodized titanium is non-stick, and that has made cleaning extremely easy with the grinder. The smooth black titanium look helps the grinder stand out; you’ll friends will be jealous, trust me. The grinder has been designed, and precision cut so that all the pieces will fit together in a perfect manner. There are magnets in the pieces, which will allow the grinder to snap shut with ease, and to be held together while you are grinding.

The titanium pieces, the precision fit and the Teflon grade O-rings mean that this grinder will continue doing its job for many years to come, with no breakdowns or hiccups. The manufacturer of the grinder, Space Case, is so sure of their design that they have also attached a lifetime warranty to it. If it breaks down, you can get it replaced quickly and easily.

Anything Bad To Say?

The only reason people shy away from the Space Case is because of its cost. The price is certainly on the high side. If that is a problem, it is best to go for a lower grinder that meets your budget (see our homepage for alternatives). Keep in mind though, you are buying a top-of-the-line grinder, that is going to last for years. You are certainly paying for quality with this grinder.

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