Cannabis Legend Franco Loja Died at 42

Franco Loja, a Cannabis Legend died at 42

On Januray 2nd, Monday early afternoon, the cannabis community began seeing posts on social media about the death of Franco Loja. Franco, was shooting an episode of Strain Hunters in the Democratci Republic of the Congo.Franco Loja

About two days prior to his death, Loja posted a video of his African guide.  In addition, the Africans were working for him for free. What’s more is that, the bus that they are riding was trapped in the mud outside DRC the capital of Kinshasa. Moreover,  Loja was very committed to his hobby. Finding and breeding the best cannabis strains in the world.

Although, Loja’s work was not only limited to breeding and growing award winning cannabis. He is also know for his Youtube documentary Strain Hunters.

In addition, his sudden death affected the cannabis community. Also, his passing was confirmed on the Strain Hunters web page later on. As said, the Strain Hunters went to the Congo to expand the knowledge on using cannabidiol (CBD) to treat the malaria.

Furthermore, they’re also in the hunt for more cannabis genetics. Although, there are no official released about the cause of death. But there are posts circulating around the web that is it because of cerebral malaria.

Franco’s Dedication to Cannabis

Franco Loja

His dedication over the cannabis breeding was amazing. Moreover, he became the most heavily awarded in the breeding projects. The Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times Magazine said that Loja was helpful part of the pot community.

Danny Danko also said that Franco was one of the most kind and down to earth individual he ever encountered. One of a kind enthusiast for cannabis that makes you proud of him, a true cannabis hero.

Even more, Lajo is also know for traveling around the world in search for exotic strains, rare pollens, and landrace that were forgotten. Franco and his team tour around the globe to give and search long forgotten cannabis strains.

Final Thoughts:

As what Franco Loja said ” Cannabis is my passion, my bread, my home. I feel it is my duty to make sure this amazing plant is preserved and enjoyed. I am a smoker, a grower, a breeder, and a strain hunter.  For Life.”. His tragic death is one of saddest for the cannabis community, although Franco Loja will be remembered thru all his amazing work in the cannabis industry. A one true hero!




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