The Easiest Way To Clean Your Weed Grinder (very simple!)

The video below quickly explains how easy it is to clean your herb grinder. If you’d like more detailed instructions, keep scrolling down the page.

Old Grinder = Dirty Grinder

dirty weed grinderIf you’ve owned your weed grinder for a while then chances are it’s time for cleaning. The grinding compartment tends to build up the fastest as it’s the area where are the magic happens. The residue from the herbs (hopefully Mary Jane) collects over time; eventually it turns black and makes it frustrating to grind. I know from experience that it can feel like the world’s greatest arm workout. That’s good for the gym, but not what you’re looking for with a weed grinder.

Benefits Of A Clean Herb Grinder

It will be smoother when you grind, and there will be less chance of it breaking down in the future. Also, you are potentially improving your health by cleaning it. Germs and other bacteria can build inside your precious grinder. Note: if you on a wood or acrylic grinder, then the following instructions do not apply to you (man up and get a better grinder—checkout our homepage). highest rated grinders are the Space Case and Santa Cruz Shredder since aside from their material quality they require the least amount of cleaning effort.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Clean Your Grinder?

From experience, you’ll start to notice the grinder becomes difficult to operate (as mentioned above). Remember the first time you opened your grinder and started taking down trees? Easy, right? Well, that doesn’t last long for most grinders, but that’s why we are here today: To get your grinder back to the original state (or pretty darn close).


As mentioned earlier, acrylic and wooden grinders will not work for this cleaning. We assume that you own a metal grinder (aluminum or titanium).


  • Q-tips 
  • Isopropyl alcohol (over 90% is great)
  • Large container (fits the grinder pieces)
  • Towel
  • Warm water

Time To Clean That Grinder

If you watched the video above, you noticed that we are not fans of cleaning the entire grinder (if you have a four-piece version). If you have a grinder without a kief catcher, then don’t worry. Unless your grinder is building up a ton of residue with the kief catcher, then we strongly recommend taking the two pieces that grind the weed. Please see the video if you’re unsure.

#1 Pour enough rubbing alcohol in a large container – Now, it’s time to place your grinding pieces into the alcohol. Let them stay in there for at least 15 minutes. If you have the patience then an hour or even a DAY or more would be great.

#2 Now it is time to grab your Q-tips. The Q-tip’s purpose is to remove the tiny bits of remaining residue. Note: most of the gunk comes off with the alcohol. Simply dip the Q-tip in the alcohol and rub the areas that still have residue; it should come off easily.

After your grinder is clean, make sure to run each piece thoroughly under warm water. It is extremely important because we do not want to get the rubbing alcohol on our weed. Let the two pieces sit on a paper towel for as long as it needs to dry. Bonus: grab a blow dryer and speed up the process. I know some of you can’t go an hour without that bud.

Happy blazing everyone. Let me know what you think.

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