The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time — Are you wondering what are the best strains of all time? Though, sometimes popularity can be introspective. This question is impossible to answer, because it all comes to whoever you ask and what do they like. We conducted a research to find out what are the greatest cannabis strains of all time. So let’s begin!

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

So, where do we start? There are so many choices that are available but we will just narrow it down to what the cannabis enthusiast approved!

#1 Death Star

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All TimeDeath Star is a cross between Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. Also, it has the shared sativa and indica effects of its parents. What’s more is that, it has a mixed taste that is combined with sweet, skunk, and fuel aromas. A very potent fragrances that is not very easy to hide. Moreover, this strain does not have the ability to destroy the planets, but it does have a powerful buzz. The effect of this strain can be slow onset, but once it does it takes you far away and replaces it into a state of relaxed euphoria. Furthermore, Death Star is great for daytime and night time use. Also, this Ohio native has fans all over the galaxy.

#2 Hindu Kush

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All TimeThis strain is named after the mountain range stretching 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan where it originally came from. Hindi Kush however is a pure indica strain. From where it came from, the harsh climate of its motherland has conditioned this strain to set a thick, protective coat of crystal trichomes that is cherished by hash makers anywhere. Moreover, it has an ethereal sweet and earthy sandalwood aroma, this strain induces a deep sense of calm and it helps relief those who are suffering from pain. Also, from nausea, and stress disorders.

#3 Skywalker OG

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All TimeAs for our number #3 spot for The Greatest Cannabis Strains for All Time goes to Skywalker OG. Moreover, this strain is a dynamic indica-dominant hybrid strain. This may bring to a galaxy far far away. In fact, there is no Sith genetics in here — Skywalker OG is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush. It has a strong aroma distinct to kush strains that also includes a spicy herbal scent. Good for relaxation, also some users say that it has a strong body effects that includes mild tingling and numbness. If you’re experiencing pain and other physical constraint, Skywalker OG is here to help you. There is also a sativa dominant variety of this strain that is often called as SATIVA OG.

#4 Durban Poison

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

Durban Poison is a pure sativa that originates from South African port City of Durban. Also, this strain gained a spotlight worldwide due the sweet smell and energetic, nice effects. Moreover, Durban Poison is a perfect strain for smokers who likes to stay productive on a busy day. Additionally, this also great for smokers who likes explore outdoors and for creators. Producers and concentrate enthusiast will adore the over sized resin glands of this strain. Also, this a quality strain choice for concentrate extraction.

#5 White Widow

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

White Widow is among the most known strains worldwide. Also, it is a hybrid balance first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. It is a cross between Brazilian Sativa Land-race and a resine heavy South Indian India. Morever, White Widow has dedicated every Dutch Coffee Shop menu since it first came out in the 1990’s. The buds are white crystal resin, means it is very potent. There is a very powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks when you smoke it. Additionally, simulating both conversation and your creativity. White Widow’s genetics have given rise to many legends like White Russian, White Rino, and Blue Widow. However, many growers prefer it cultivation on an original White Widow, which in just 60 days indoors.

#6 Purple Haze

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

This beautiful strain was popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 classic, Purple Haze. This delivers a dreamy state of euphoria that brings every consumers back to their psychedelic days. Also, this has a nostalgic sativa staple that remains cherished for its high energy cerebral stimulation. Also, it awakens creativity and blissful contentment throughout. Moreover, it is believe that Purple Haze have descended from the strains Purple Thai and Haze, that pass the sweet and earthy flavors mix. This strains, flowers 8 to 9 weeks. In addition, Purple Haze buds acquire a vibrant hues of lavender that justify the naming of this strain.

#7 Lemon Kush

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All TimeAs for the #7 spot of The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time is Lemon Kush. This strain is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Though, breeder specific variations exists. For example, Alien Genetics, it explains why Lemon Kush as a hybrid between Lemon G, a strain from Ohio and Afghan Kush. This genetics are the only area of debate as for everyone will agree that the sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix well. Also, it has earthy kush undertones with it. It has a light green buds that are covered with white frosting of trichomes and it provides an uplifting and creative effects. This strain is a perfect solution for people who are stressed.

#8 Purple Urkle

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

Moreover, this strain’s history is as complicated like its flavor palate. Purple Urkle is a California strain, that the origins are believed from the stem select of phenotype of Medocino Purps, while its essence is a blend of skunk, berry, and fresh grapes. Buyers report that the indica effects can be deeply relaxing, sleep inducing and great for a full body pain reliever. Also, the short onset effects makes it perfect for night time strain for those who are suffering from insomnia.

#9 Cherry Pie

Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison is Cherry Pie’s parents. Also, Cherry Pie’s buds are so dense and full of orange hairs with a touch of purple. Moreover, this strain has a smell of sweet and sour cherry pie. In fact, the effects are known to come within minutes and it sticks around for a couple of hours.

#10 Granddaddy Purple

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

Down to our #10 spot for The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time is Granddaddy Purple. It is first introduced in 2003 by Ken Estes. Granddaddy Purple is a well known indica cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Moreover, this California main derives a complex grape and berry aroma from Purple Urkle, while Big Bud passes on its sized. The compact bud structure of this strain is from Big Bud. Also, the flowers of this strains bloom in a shade of deep purple, a contrast backdrop for the snow like dusting of its white crystal resin. In addition, its potent psychoactive effects are detectable in both our mind and body.

It delivers a fusion of cerebral euphoria and relaxations. For the meantime, our thoughts may float in a dreamy state like, the body also likely will find itself in a one spot duration of Granddaddy Purple’s effect. Like other heavy indica varieties, Granddaddy purple is a typical pulled off the shelf to pleasure pain, stress, appetite loss, insomnia, and muscles spasms. What’s more is that, this strains blesses farmers a massive commercial yields which are ready to harvest in about 60 day flowering time indoors.

#11 Blue Dream

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time #11 spot goes to Blue Dream strain. This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that originates in California. Also, it achieved a legendary status among West Coast strains. It is a cross between Blueberry Indica with Sativa Haze. In addition, Blue Dream balances a full body relaxation with gentle cerebral stimulation. Amateur and veteran consumers enjoys the level effects of this strain, which eases them into a calm euphoric state. There are some Blue Dream phenotype express a more indica like feel and look. Though, the sativa leaning variety remains the most common.

From its Blueberry parent, it has a sweet berry aroma pungent. What’s more is that, Blue Dream delivers a swift symptom of relief without any heavy sedative effects. This what it makes a popular daytime medicine for patients who are suffering from pain, depression, nausea, and any other ailments that requires high THC strain.

#12 Girl Scout Cookies

The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time

Girl Scout Cookies hits our #12 spot for The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time. Moreover, Girl Scout Cookies or also known as GSC is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid. A cross whose reputation grew large that stays in California borders homeland. Also, it has a sweet and earth aroma, this strain launches you in a euphoric stati top floor. Your full body will experience a full relaxation that meets a time bending cerebral state. Though, it goes a long way with this hybrid, its THC height have won numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Some patients that are needing a strong does of relief may use this strain for pain, nausea, and appetite loss.

Additionally, there are several different phenotypes of this strain. It includes Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies, which shoes some variation in appearance and in effect. Regularly, GSC expresses its allure in a twisting green calyxes that is wrapped in purple leaves and orange hairs. Patients and consumers are looking to cultivate this cannabis strain for themselves. The waiting for this strain is 9 to 10 weeks for indoor plants to flower.

Final Thoughts:

We do hope that you like The Greatest Cannabis Strains of All Time. These babies are best! Also, if you want to use grinders to grind these babies Please Click HERE! What’s more is that, you can also put some of these for edibles. Here are some of the Easy To Make Cannabis Edible Recipes. ENJOY!





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