The Origin of 420

April 20 has arrived and that day can also be called 4/20 or 420 but 420 has a different meaning when it comes to Marijuana enthusiasts. 420 are was originally just a code that is used by some high school boys back in 1971, now it symbolizes those who found comfort in Marijuana among other many humorous and other more odd belief and knowledge regarding the Origin of 420. Today in tandem with the coming of April 20th or 420 let us discuss the origin of 420 and just the love for Marijuana in general.

The Origin of 420

As we know Marijuana has a negative image towards the general public, though nowadays there’s a huge leap to its legality as there are many places that allows its regulated use and we do know that in the past it has been more difficult for Marijuana enthusiasts as it was widely considered as illegal which brings us to the point that we know that in the 70’s Marijuana was in an incline. It was mostly college students who was consuming Marijuana but a couple of boys from San Rafael high school used the term “420” as secretly the term that would mean that they are going to smoke in their smoking spot since that time Marijuana was very much illegal. They had to make secret way telling somebody a cue that only the group knew so that they don’t get into trouble kind of like rebels in fiction and even in real life sometimes have that too.

A secret language by some boys who just wanted to chill

So there you have it, it’s not actually like what the rumors and that 420 had other meaning it’s just that as simple as that, a secret code by young individuals back in the day.

Though due to the fact that you can you can say 420 and it could still mean April 20, April 20 became the “Weed Day” or the National Weed Day, and of course it’s not an official holiday by the government cause like that will happen but it is considered as a celebration day for Marijuana Enthusiasts.

Of course not like you really need a celebration day if you want to smoke but it can’t hurt to have one.

The Choice that is Marijuana

In life, if someone is truly passionate about something nothing is going to stop that person from trying to chase his/her passion even if it’s not exactly accepted, people are going to try to find ways, whether the question if it’s right or wrong is just entirely another discussion.

In a related matter we know that Marijuana doesn’t have a good public image and while there are places that consider it legal now, it’s still mostly illegal and most who allowed Marijuana consumption only allowed the medical application aspects of it with some tight consumption moderation and rules to follow.

Though we can’t blame the restrictions given that the crowd is always split with the opinion regarding the use of Marijuana and the laws are most likely just for people’s sake.

Those who use marijuana have their own reasons as to why they decided to consume it, whether it may be for health reasons , or just to help themselves or maybe as simple as “so that you are cool” regardless everybody has their own reason as to why they decided to allow Marijuana into their lives.

Final Thoughts

The term 420 is quite popular with the marijuana community and even those who are against it, hell even people who are neutral with the matter of marijuana may also know the phrase.

Regardless if you belong to PRO camp or ANTI camp, the word 420 now represents a symbol when it comes to Marijuana; it could represent as a movement and also represent as a negative connotation for those who don’t condone cannabis related matters.

And this now infamous word, the origin of 420 humbly started from boys who just wanted to chill in the 70’s.




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