The Science of Herb Grinders

The Science of Herb Grinders

To own a herb grinder is a definite must-have for the habitual smokers. Why is it so? Imagine the significance of a coffee maker to a coffee enthusiast. Sure, they can still do have coffee straight off from a vending machine, but their need for a freshly brewed coffee will not be satiated. This is a metaphor of how it goes with a herb grinder and habitual smoker. In the next section of the science of herb grinders we shall discuss how it works.

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How the Herb Grinder Works

As opposed to the quite traditional and customary way of grinding the dried up herbs where one tears it into pieces, grinders present a more convenient and wiser means. The customary process of grinding has the tendency to loose bits of the herb as it is pulled apart. The concentrated morsels of the herbs are most likely to accumulate in the tips of the fingers or in the palm the hands. This would cause to reduce its concentration; yet when using a grinder, its potency is kept as it is not exposed to Oxygen that would lead to burning prior to inhaling it – it is compressed in a rolling paper. This would let one control its pace as it burns, especially when one consumes it through a bubbler or a water pipe. Consequently, an individual can store his herb air tight in a grinder.

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Grinder Anatomy

Grinders are handy that sizes from 1.5 inches to 3 inches in diameter some even bigger. It is commonly made in two materials: metal and plastic. Most metal grinders are of aluminium. Though it could be made of metal and plastic, all grinders are the same in having a minimum of two parts that make up the interlocking upper and lower chamber. The aforementioned upper chamber has a teeth-like make that cuts and pulverizes the herb placed inside. Just between the two chambers, the tiny holes act as the sifter of the fine herb before it sets down in the lower chamber. Different variations of a grinder’s teeth differ on the brand, so an individual can decide based on his penchant.

Multiple Chambered Grinders

Another variant of grinders that still differs from brand to brand is their number of chambers. Fundamentally, a grinder consists of two chambers as elaborated above. However, there could be a four-piece grinder that divides the lower chamber from the rest of the chamber through a metal mesh screen that separates fallen bits of the herb. This is kept in another chamber that could be used sparingly. There is also the five-piece grinders that has a much finer mesh screen as compared to the four-piece grinder. This mesh screen could strain the powdered bits of the herb.

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Basically, its difference is based on the number of chambers it does have in stowing the herb according to how fine or coarse it is.


Nevertheless, a grinder’s size does not equate to its functionality. So, a grinder made from the other brand is different from the other. Moreover, it is the amount of herb an individual grinds that makes the important difference. Certain grinders also offer other supplementary highlights that would enhance the pleasure of smoking such as vibration functions among the many others.

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Though grinders need not much attention in its maintenance, placing a coin or any tiny but weighty material would help in the possible clogs it may have incurred. This is the science of herb grinders, hope we answered your question in mind.


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