Top Weed News for January 2017

It has not been so long since 2017 had started and yet a lot have already been laid out for the coming days. For the past years, the issue with the weed has always been raised for debates. The legalization of marijuana have been favored by most of the Americans, especially for the recreational marijuana. 2016 has been a watershed year for weed. Now that Donald Trump had won the 2016 presidential election, people have high hopes that medical marijuana can be uplifted as he is one who favors the deal. Now that the new year had started, the industry is said to have 3973 retailers and as well as 2966 medical dispensaries with 4200 cultivators of marijuana. Well, those mentioned are just few of issues being faced today. It is now the start of 2017, let us know the top weed news for January 2017.

Top Weed News for January 2017

As early as January, there are already a lot of weed issues going around the corner. Most are the debates over the marijuana legalization. Among the weed news, the incoming weed events 2017 is the most anticipated by many which made it to our top weed news for January 2017. Without further ado, here are the top weed news for January 2017 with an overview of the details:

Incoming Weed Events 2017

Best Weed Events for 2017

If you are new, veteran or even industry professional when it comes to cannabis, attending the weed events this year will surely help. These events aims to spread awareness and as well as information with regard to the cannabis plant itself. This is the hottest top weed news for January 2017 as many are expecting for these events. Here are the list of the must-attend weed events this 2017:


High Times Business Summit – Los Angeles, CA

NCIA Quarterly Caucuses – Various Locations


CannaCon – Seattle, WA

Cannabis Collaborative Conference CCC 3.0 – Portland, OR


Cannabiz Day  – Orlando

Cannagrow Expo – Reno, NV

Cannabis Cultivation Conference – Oakland, CA

MJIC California Cannabis Business Expo – San Diego, CA


New England Cannabis Convention – Boston, MA

High Times Southern California Cannabis Cup – San Bernardino, CA

Imperious Expo – Phoenix, AZ


MJ Biz Con Spring Conference – Washington D.C.


Cannabis World Congress and Business Expositions (CWCBExpo) – New York NY

NICA Cannabis Business Summit – Oakland CA

High Times Northern California Cannabis Cup – Santa Rosa CA


Dispensary Next Conference and Expo – Denver CO


Cannabis Science Conference – Portland OR

Seattle Hempfest – Seattle WA

Leafly Cannafest – Grand Forks, B.C.


Cannabis World Congress and Business Expositions (CWCBExpo) – Los Angeles CA


Cannagrow Expo – Denver CO

These are just few of the coming events this year. You need to look out for more for updates.

Marijuana Legalization of some States this 2017

A lot have been pushing for the legalization of Weed in different states. For the year 2017, more states have been debating on giving legalization for marijuana. Currently, there are seven states what are still debating for its legalization:

Rhode Island

Rhode IslandOne of the few states which is gearing up for the legalization of Marijuana this year is Rhode Island. This is after having their neighboring state, Massachusetts, as fully legalized with cannabis. The governor of the said state have said that they are currently looking at it. As long as the people are safe, the children are are, the folks do not get sick, then the governor will favor the marijuana legalization. They just need to add some restriction which needs to be in the right area.


DelawareIn the early 2017, the recreational legalization of marijuana is ready to undergo into discussion by the state’s official. The lawmakers of the state had pledged to introduce a new bill that will legalize the adult use of the marijuana. Other than that, last year, the cannabis is under decriminalization.


MissouriIn the Missouri, there were two lawmakers that have filed proposals for the 2017 legislation in line with medical cannabis legalization. The lawmakers are still trying to win the session for the whole issue to push through.


TexasIn 2017, Texas will be making decriminalization as their top priority for their lawmaking agenda. The officials of the state are considering the idea of lowering the charges for possession by having the model which is just giving fines to the people without giving them a criminal record. In the 85th session, their are five cannabis items on the table which has been the subject for discussion.


VermontThough last year, the adult-use legalization of cannabis is in the process of approval, it is not until this year that the issue will be in for discussion. In addition, the legislative session is expected to be open this January of 2017.

New Mexico

New MexicoA representative from the New Mexico state has suggested how the state could use the legalization of cannabis as a way for them to resolve the deficit of the state. A general session is will also open this early 2017. There are also a lot of representative which believes how legalizing the recreational cannabis as  means to new money with their state.

New Jersey 

New JerseyThough the governor is not really into the legalization of marijuana to their state, the lawmakers are still trying to explore the possibility.

Petition for DEA about Medical Cannabis

In just less than a month, a petition has received 85000 signatures to call out the attention of DEA to stop lying about the medical cannabis. The petition is by Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a non profit organization is working to increase the access to the medical cannabis in the whole United States.

It has been a response from the recent code clarification from DEA that gave CBD it’s personal tracking code. They believed that the cannabis has real impact on the families and as well as the patients around the state who uses the medical cannabis for them to treat their illness. In the end of the petition, it states: “Forcing the DEA to correct this misinformation would give medical cannabis patients and as well as the families the ability to say, unequivocally, “That is not based in scientific fact, and the DEA has admitted that as well,” effectively removing these falsehoods from the conversation.”

The petition is still open as of writing.

Medical Cannabis Cultivation Licensing Fee in Arkansas

ArkansasIn Arkansas, you can be a license medical cannabis cultivator. You just have to have loads of money in the bank. The fee you are going to pay is now at $100000 for those who wants to receive the license for you to legally grow the medical cannabis. The cannabis has been legal in Arkansas because of the November passage of Initiative 6.

Man for HOLLYWeeD Prank, Arrested

A lot have seen the HOLLYWeed sign prank. The one responsible for the prank is now being under the custody. He has been arrested because as per the council man, David Ryu “deplete the resources of our valuable public safety personnel, in both responding to the prank and in responding to the increased crowds and copycat attempts that these incidents generate.” Aside from that, the Hollywood Sign is an icon recognized internationally by people which makes the prank a really serious matter to just be neglected. It may be funny for some, but the authorities are taking the matter seriously which made this issue as one of our top weed news for January 2017.

Marijuana Prediction this 2017

It is no secret how additional states are gearing towards the legalization of marijuana this year. A lot are already discussing the legalization with their own state officials as early as January. This year, there will be two biggest focus areas for the Marijuana industry, the California and Jeff Sessions. Other than that, this year, Los Angeles is expected to become the Marijuana Capital. Some time this year, the city will pass an ordinance clearing the path to open up the recreational market and as well as a proper licensing program.

Another prediction for this year is about a sport league supporting the use of marijuana for medical purposes. There are professional athletes who have used cannabis to treat head injuries and as well as treat unbearable pains. Since the marijuana is now okay in 29 states, as of writing, these professional players are actually pushing for the same use of cannabis treatment for other patients as well.

Aside from that, a primetime network show is expected to come out this year as well with a marijuana theme. Since a lot of Americans have been voicing out their approval for the legalization of marijuana, a lot is expecting for a major network to use marijuana as a backdrop for a show. Should it happen, it will not be the first time, but it sure have been over a decade since the last showtime that had a hit with Weeds. There is already a television network which had a go signal to develop a show that had weed as their center theme. Let us wait in the coming months if it will be turn into reality.

We shall see at the end of the year if this top weed news for January 2017 predictions will turn out right after all.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it! Those are the top weed news for January 2017. Those mentioned above are the hot topics in the weed section. So much have already happened at an early time of the year, which seemed like a lot more are waiting to happen. Let’s see what the rest of the months have for us with regard to weed.




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