Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana

One of the biggest dilemmas that marijuana enthusiast have when choosing while enjoying marijuana is the choice of vaping vs smoking marijuana. Just like in every other matter there is always a choice to be like for PC users there’s the Linux vs Windows choice, cannabis enthusiast also has Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana.

Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana

In this article we shall be highlighting and comparing the differences between vaping and smoking cannabis.

The difference in methods between smoking and vaping

Smoking is essentially burning something with high temperature in hopes to inhale the essence of something in a form of gas given that there are some things that eating can’t provide. Vaping is processing something in a low precise temperature to extract essence of something. In this case both something is weed.

With smoking you just burn dry weed directly, while with vaping you use pre-made oil or special oil with the weed being liquefied as a vaping material.

Which is safer?

Obviously smoking and vaping are fairly different. The combusted smoke gases from smoking weed consist of a lot of unwanted parts of cannabis that you would not like to inhale which is 88% non-cannabinoid, while vaping which essentially allows you to inhale 95% cannabinoid which is what you wanted when it comes to weed.

Anything that isn’t cannabinoid is something you want to inhale as it could be harmful and even cancerous to some extent, unfortunately regardless of the method of consumption of Marijuana it is not possible to avoid it even burning any plants and inhaling it will cause you harm but researches seem to state that vaping is safer than smoking to some extent.

Which is more efficient?

Related to the previous metric of comparison, the fact that 95% of cannabinoid is extracted by Vaping means that it’s much easier to be affected by the intended recreational effects that a Marijuana enthusiast would want.

So compared to smoking vaping gets you “high” much faster than the usual which would mean Vaping wins in this comparison.

Which is more convenient?

In the previous comparison we have known that Vaping wins when comes to safety and effectiveness when it comes to achieving the desired effect of a consuming weed in a session of recreational marijuana.

However, in convenience it’s a different. When we compare them both in convenience of use surprisingly as effective as Vaping is, there’s a lot of trouble involved when it comes to Vaping. First you needed the Vaping apparatus such as vape pens to be charged the device and fully loaded with the oils and herbs necessary. While with smoking essentially what you just needed is just the dried weed and burn it directly.

Vape devices however are convenient to carry, as an example of vaping devices are vape pens which can fit in a pocket and vaping oil are smaller compared to actually carrying weed which also brings issues as some places don’t allow transportation of weed.

For this round of Vaping vs Smoking marijuana, smoking is simply too convenient that it wins this round.

Which Is Less Expensive
Which is less expensive?

This round easily goes to smoking marijuana is definitely cheaper than Vaping, since the plain simple reason that smoking only requires a set of matches or a lighter and weed itself. Vaping for how good its benefits are requires you extra costs such as the vaping tools, the oils to be used as it’s not recommend to brew your own oil. And since you need to charge the vaping device before you could do a vaping session which could potentially add up as electricity expense especially if you are travelling and there’s a payment to charging devices in long durations.

Benefits and Issues with Hashoil with Vaping

Vaping is pretty flexible in fact. You can have different flavors with your vaping session which you can’t do with smoking of course. Yep, so your vaping sessions could smell like vanilla or whatever you fancy that the company of the vaping device you bought has to offer.

Since unlike smoking you are directly using weed without any buffers or anything so you could make sure that what you’re using for recreational cannabis sessions are natural. Vaping has some criticism that depending on the reputation and testimonies of the company you brought the vape device and hashoil you do not know what is contained with those hashoils. Considering that there is a lack or substandard regulation to the hashoils that you may not really know if it has additives or other harmful chemicals.

In Summary

Finals Thoughts

As we end our round of comparison when it comes to vaping vs smoking marijuana, overall vaping seems the better choice. Despite its inconvenience with cost and way of usage that you require charging the vaping device like a mobile device, the troubles of vaping are worth the more effectiveness and safety.

But you could always go for the classic smoking if you don’t believe vaping is worth it. Either way, whatever your choice this is Vaping vs Smoking Marijuana.




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