What you Need to know about Vaporizers

What you need to know about Vaporizers

Vaping or Smoking? The dilemma that all modern Marijuana enthusiast face, but hold your horses. This article isn’t going to be about Smoking vs. Furthermore, vaping but rather we shall be discussing the tools used to Vape. You need to know about Vaporizers and a bit of its depth.

In order to do vaping, you require a device called vaporizers, commonly known as “VapePen” which is a small device which creates a low-temperature heat that turns the “special” liquid into vapor in which you inhale.

The Origin of Vaporizers

The first thing  you need to know about vaporizers. It is common knowledge that smoking is dangerous, regardless of if you just smoke tabacco or weed or even for some reason if you smoke any herb in general, exposure to its smoke is health threatening . This brings us to the point as originally the point invention of vaporizers. It is to find an alternative to directly smoking and it has been around ever since like the 1960’s but the modern Vaporizer invention is credited to a Chinese pharmacist named Han Lik, his motivation was the death of his father due to cancer caused from smoking.

Vaping is generally more costly than Smoking

Unfortunately the truth is that while vaping has its benefits over smoking, it’s a bit more costly compared to just straight up smoking. Although, in smoking all you really need is a lighter and the dried stuff you need to burn. While with vaping, it cost a bit more.

You might find cheap vaporizers but it’s a good rule of the thumb when it comes to purchasing anything that you don’t purchase the cheapest you can find. Especially with vaporizers since the industry that creates them is still young and may lack a lot of standards.

So do a little research before buying and don’t worry about a bit more expensive vaporizer if it saves you the trouble you may experience with the cheaper ones.

Vaping is much safer than Smoking though

This is one of the most very important thing you need to know about vaporizers. Yeah, it’s more costly but it’s much safer than smoking. Take note that I used the word “safer”, that means there is still underlying danger in Vaping but compared to smoking it’s a much safer choice.

However, in long term involvement with Vaping is another matter. Since it’s new, there are few researches and we still haven’t learned a lot about it much. In which we should learn in much more given time.

The two ways on how Vaping is done

While Vaping is heating something in low temperature to release its active ingredients for recreational or medical purposes. Technically there are two ways on how it’s done. The first one would be Conduction which is common for vape pens and other smaller and more portable vaporizers; Conduction essentially directly heats the Vaping material. The second one would be Convection which is essentially used for bigger Vaporizers since the Vaping material is not directly heated but rather the heat is passed through the vaping material without contact.

Each has its own advantages. With Conduction, one advantage would be that since the vaping device used with conduction are usually compact and small. It can be carried around with ease, and with conduction you can just Vape really fast since it’s direct heating and it also works well with high concentrated Vaping material.

There are also advantages on convection. Since it’s not directly heated unlike Vaping.  It doesn’t have the higher risk of combustion which is generally not, you can also get more vapor quality with convection. Since it’s generally more even and precise heating. Vaporizers that used convection method are much more complicated, it is not so pocket sized and it takes a lot longer to heat the vaping material.

Whatever Vaping method you decide to choose in case you plan on Vaping will be dependent on what you prefer.

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Where and When can you smoke

This is the last thing you need to know about vaporizers. The good thing is that since the use of Vaporizers is rising and it’s new to the modern era. The laws are playing catch-up to it and there aren’t  lot of restrictions apart from like you can’t vape in public places for some states. As a matter of fact,  since Vaping is odorless, it doesn’t really leave a trail.

Plus the fact that smaller pocket-sized Vaporizers are also a thing. Making Vaping possible in most places as long you are mindful of not been publicly seen for obvious reasons. This means due to the nature of how Vaping is done, it should be that difficult as compared to straight up smoking.

Finals Thoughts

There are really few things that you need to take note when it comes to Vaping. Know that it’s safer than blatantly smoking but expect extra expenses when it comes to it. The choice of Vaping, either convection or conduction should depend on what you prefer. A good way to think about the choice is that if you don’t mind waiting and carrying a more inconvenient vaporizers.

Then, you might consider convection but if you like your vaporizing device small and you lean more convenience consider conduction. Vaping is new which is nice but also that would mean there’s a lot of stuff we still haven’t learned about vaping which you should have an open of.

Never forget to do a research about which vaporizer you would purchase.  The Vaporizer industry is still young. Furthermore, vaping standards are not yet widely applied yet. So you need to know what you buy, don’t just buy a vaporizer without a clue on what you brought. What are the vaping materials used and how to use it. That’s some of the things that what you need to know about vaporizers.




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