Brand New Vetements Weed Grinder Necklace Review

When it comes to fashion, sky is the limit — weed as a subject is not even an exemption. Though it may have not known by others, various fashion brands have already been bringing drug in the fashion runway as a theme for years now. For instance, the cannabis-inspired Alexander Wangs’ Fall 2016 collection fashion show by Jacuie Aieche. The latest brand among those fashion labels venturing for smoker culture is the Vetements. Just recently, they introduced Vetements weed grinder necklace which functions as a grinder.

Vetements Introduction

Vetements is a known French brand which offers T-shirts which cost $980. For fashion, the Vetements really have a wide range of fantasies  is ran by brothers Demna Gvalsalia and as well as Guram. It is a street style-fashion brand which also had first foray into the smoker culture from their Bic Lighter Heels. Now, they are again trending because of the new Vetements Weed Grinder Necklace. It actually came out after another set of states have been able to approve recreational use of marijuana when he residents have given their votes on 8th of November.

Unlike other grinders which are available online, this one cost a lot times over. If common grinders wood ranges from $15-$100, Vetements is definitely nothing to be compared off, in terms of price. Is this necklace really worth the price? Let us breakdown its features:


VetementsThis latest Vetements weed grinder necklace comes in two tones: silver and gold. It features the logo of Vetements which is engraved at the top of the grinder. This necklace is a functional grinder with a safety clasp. It is tightly sealed because it has a magnetic fastening. Unlike any other necklaces, this one serves a purpose given that it is a very functional grinder as well.

This necklace which is actually Italian-made comes with a chain with 17.5 inches length. The Vetements weed grinder necklace costs $750 and can be found from several online shops. As for its grinder, it has sharp teeth that can surely grind herb.

Vetements Weed Grinder Necklace Verdict

Since the Vetements weed grinder necklace just recently released, there are only a Weed Grinder Necklacefew who owns one. Because of its expensive price, only those who are really enthusiast of fancy fashion who would dare to have one weed grinder necklace. The good thing about this grinder, though, is it can be wear anywhere you want. With this, you will not have to worry if ever you get your vape clogged again. When you actually see the necklace itself, you will not know at first sight that it is more than just a necklace.

For those who are into bling and is willing to spend a necklace for its grinder or just want to treat themselves, then this might just be right for them. Though, if you are expecting a good performance from a grinder, then we suggest for you to look for a more focused grinder which is solely made to grind and not add style. It is actually a unique concept, so let us see further in the near future.

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