Ways to use Medical Marijuana

Medicine MarijuanaWays to use Medical Marijuana

Ways to use medical marijuana, in this article we will be listing down below on how to use medical marijuana. Moreover, there are many ways to use medical marijuana. The most logical reason as to why the fight to legalize cannabis is not in the recreational aspect of it, but rather the medical applications of it. Even back before medical marijuana was criminalized it was known for its medical aspects that it provides us.

There are varieties of ways that medical marijuana can help with various medical conditions, and in this article we shall be enumerating the known ways to use medical marijuana.

Before Proceeding

Before we proceed to learn what are the ways of medical marijuana. If you are actually positive that you wanted to try or somebody wanted to try medical marijuana, please make sure to check the laws of medical marijuana in your State or in your country. Regardless of how convinced you are that medical marijuana will definitely work you should still respect the law or even if let’s say you are a bit of a deviant it’s still wise to do so just avoid unnecessary unwanted trouble honestly.

As long as you are in the appropriate age to use marijuana for medical reasons and you have a legitimate medical condition you’d like to approach the cannabis way, it shouldn’t be difficult to do medical marijuana legally, mostly you would need a clearance from a doctor to proceed with the cannabis treatment.

With that out of the way let’s get started with enumerating the known ways to utilize marijuana for medical treatments.

Smoking Medical Marijuana

Smoking Medical MarijuanaYep, you heard it right; smoking a joint is a way to do medical marijuana and is partly why the use of marijuana is controversial and debated as whether as it’s right or not. This is a traditional way to utilize marijuana medically that goes back in the days where marijuana was not criminalized yet.

Most likely most are familiar with the steps on how smoking marijuana works but I’ll just mention the steps on how to do it still.  That would be to put the dried marijuana into a pipe or roll it inside a paper, burn the weed and inhale the combusted marijuana turned into the form of smoke.

This is also the arguably the iconic and most enjoyable way to apply medical cannabis. Of course you may want to do some research first on how much you should smoke just to make sure you aren’t doing it too much since it’s for medical purposes anyways.

Vaporizing Medical Marijuana

Just like the age old (not) classic questions for marijuana enthusiasts whether to smoke or to vape, Vaping is also a viable way to apply medical marijuana.

Vaporizing in contrast to smoking which combusts the dried marijuana leaf completely which also makes you inhale the undesirable non-cannabinoids, vaping essentially avoids that issue since you are just burning the marijuana in a low and much more precise temperature.

Though compared to smoking joint, you will have extra expenses with Vaping, also make sure you got the correct strain of marijuana to use though I already mentioned this before to do a research before doing any particular method of medical marijuana application.

Medical Marijuana Through Food and Drinks

Butterscotch Chip MarijuanaThe one thing medical marijuana methods have in common is that most of the ways to do it are enjoyable. And that also means eating with cannabis infused food. I mean who doesn’t like eating good food.

Compared to smoking or vaping, eating cannabis infused food will take longer than usual before it takes effect. The way to do this is to infuse the cannabis in oil or butter that will be used to prepare for the munchies you’ll be munching.

There is also a way to mix in marijuana with beverages for medical purposes which is more known as “Tincture”. Usually it’s through mixing Marijuana with alcohol solutions.

This is probably the most enjoyable way to do a cannabis influenced medical treatment.

Topical Medical Marijuana

This method is similar with most plants and herbs that could be used for medical applications. The idea here is that the cannabis are infused with oils, sprays, lotions, salves and other liquid form. Additionally, it is directly applied to the muscles or skin.

Unlike the first 3 ways to apply medical marijuana. This one is probably not as enjoyable as the two. Since the inhaling method of smoking or vaping has the effects of making you high. While infusing marijuana to food is pretty self-explanatory. Although, it is not as enjoyable as the first 3. Since this is for medical purposes. This method is very effective when it comes to various skin conditions muscle stress and other skin/muscle/nerve illnesses.

Final Thoughts

Those are the more known ways to use medical marijuana. I may have not mentioned the more unpopular and untested ones. Although, you should have plenty of options when it comes to medical cannabis. If you like the effect of recreational marijuana while serving its medical purposes. Then vaping or smoking is for you, if you don’t like it. Then all the other options have little to none of the recreational mind altering effects of the marijuana.

Just remember that before you apply these medical marijuana methods. Make a research about the laws of the place where you are about to apply. These any of the medical cannabis option. To make sure you follow the laws.  Also, make sure that whatever method of application you are applying. You know that you are applying them correctly and not overdosing yourself.

Even if the law may not require, it is advisable to seek for a medical experts advice first before proceeding.




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