Why Vaping Weed is Better than Smoking It

Why Vaping Weed is Better than Smoking It

Vaping Weed is better than smoking. We all know that one of the most popular drug in the world is weed. When it comes to its consumption, there are a lot of options that you can consider — one is through vaporizing. It is the most preferred method among all the other ways. When we talk about vaping weed, it basically refers about heating up the weed. The active compounds present in the weed becomes vapor without having to burn up the weed at all.

It can be safely said that smoking weed is now slowly being topped by vaping weed. This is because of the much favorable effects that the latter gives on the users. Most articles that you can find online about the matter supports the idea.

So, let us talk about the benefits. To further give you notions about the particular matter, consider walking through with the following:


One of the strongest argument for vaping weed is would be the effect it has on the lungs unlike smoking it. Though it is still not proven that smoking weed can cause lung cancer, burning weed produces tar which can greatly affect the lungs. It could also lead to possible chronic bronchitis. But with vaping weed, certain incident is avoided since it only creates vapor. It can be inhaled without having to worry of any residue that might stay in the lungs. As a matter of fact, vaporizers are actually designed to prevail over the issue.

If heating weed is done at a lower temperature, the vaporizer produces vapor that have active compounds without harmful effects. And since vapor can be inhaled in shallow and short puffs unlike traditional smoking, it produces more clear-headed effect because no smoke is inhaled. Slow puffs of vapor gives smoother effect.

There are studies that shows high percentage of smoke inhaled by smokers are removed through vaping weed. Other than that, it is also said that it increases anti-inflammatory compound yield that gives protection to the lungs against irritation.

In addition, research shows that shifting from traditional method to vaping weed might undo respiratory systems caused by the former.

Lower Dose Level

Among the methods of weed intake, Vaping Weed is better among others. It was ranked by the patients from the study cited in Journal of Psychoactive Drugs as the most efficient method. This is due to having a lower dose requirement that edibles, tea, and smoking.

Vaporizers may be pricey, but its efficiency definitely makes it worth it.

Vaping Weed is Better: Control of Odor

Since vapor disappears almost immediately into the atmosphere, you will not be able to smell it at a fair distance. This is very dissimilar to those who are traditional smokers. The smoke sticks and lingers longer to your cloths. In addition, others prefer vaping weed for it has better and favorable taste than smoking.


Overall, vaping weed gives positive effects. Patients from one of the studies mentioned above actually felt more functional after vaping weed. But still, weed reacts differently from individual person, so if you are planning to get vaporizer, it is best to be cautious still.





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